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Visit to Saltaire, 15th September 2017

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The Battle of the Somme exhibition 19 August 2016

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Bowes Museum Shoes Exhibition 15 July 2016
The Shoe exhibition at the Bowes Museum which we saw on Friday was amazing. It proved that footwear could indeed be Art as well as Engineering historic sad dangerous and thought provoking. It was a super day out. Thank you Sandy so much. I was so wrapped up in the shoes that I forgot to see the Silver Swan at 2pm. Obviously another trip is called for.
Elaine Davidson, 19th July

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Norman Cornish Exhibition 11 March 2016
Spennymoor Art Gallery has opened a permanent Norman Cornish exhibition. The gallery is housed in the Town Hall and has a small but interesting collection of paintings. There are also prints and paintings for sale.

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Ray Lonsdale's Studio
I went with the Art Appreciation Group to see the sculptor, Ray Lonsdale (of 'Tommy' fame!)
We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Ray is a wonderfully self effacing, down-to-earth guy and made us feel very welcome!

The sculpture that you see in the group photo is still to be sold and hopefully a local council will buy it, so lots more people can admire the intricacy of his work! The close-up photo shows you want I mean!
Joan Molloy


Yorkshire Sculpture Park
The weather for our visit on 14 August was poor; in fact it rained all day as you can see from the photos. Nevertheless I think that we all got something positive from the visit and the restaurant/café was first class!

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Alan's Studio

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On Friday 15th May the group visited Woodhorn Colliery. As well as The Brick Planet exhibition there was also an exhibition of paintings by Norman Cornish, an artist who was part of the Spennymoor Settlement of pitman painters.

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