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Coronavirus Update
After a general discussion with members at yesterday’s general meeting it was decided to postpone all activities until the Coronavirus threat has passed.

This decision has been further confirmed by the most recent communication from HO, recommending the same.

Please remember to keep in touch with the most vulnerable members of our U3A. There are a lot who live alone. If possible offer help where needed.

Let’s pull together to beat this.
Lynn Anderson 17/03/2020
See latest advice from U3A using the link opposite Click on the link within the document to take you to their web page.


Meeting Monday 16th March

I have been asked by Sue Irving to inform everyone that the speaker for Monday's meeting has cancelled.

This is due to the threat of the Coronavirus to the more mature generation.

Eileen Smith as Vice Chair has decided to go ahead with the meeting. It will however be shorter than usual.

Everyone is still welcome.

14th March 2020


Coronavirus - Advice from National U3A
Latest Advice - Coronavirus, see link opposite.
Lynn Anderson 3 March 2020


U3A Day
For U3A day

For an L of a time

Learn Laugh Live
Peter Russell 07/03/2020


Survey Sheets
Elaine Davidson has requested that Group Leaders give the remaining survey sheets to Eileen Smith at the March meeting, together with a brief summary of income and expenditure to Sue Foster. Many thanks.

Sandy Smith 06/03/2020


U3A Day
Thinking caps on please ....we need a name for our joint event for Wednesday June 3 to be held in Washington Village . All three of Washingtons U3As are taking part ...we need a name that is able to be used for promotion purposes...Facebook page ,posters, leaflets...
I have put the invite out to all our U3As...

Answers on a postcard please or on the comments page ...or by smoke signal or carrier pigeon...look forward to reading them ...
Thanks Margaret. 26 February 2020


An excellent presentation by History Wardrobe at Cestria u3a today. In fact it was a G0LD medal award winner.
Thanks for the invitation. The Lunch was a credit to the LADIES.
Ann Huntley 19/02/2020


On behalf of us all, I wanted to express my thanks to Angela Burn for the 2 page spread she did in the latest Washington Way.
Entitled University of Life she promoted the benefits of U3A in the Washington area including a lovely picture of our Carpe Diem group's visit to KwikFit, featuring a lot of familiar faces.
Great stuff Angela and thanks from all of us.
Kevin Parker 17/02/2020



It has been mentioned on a couple of occasions that we are in need of some new Committee Members.

There are a couple of vacancies which must be filled in order for Wessington to continue.

They are:

1. Chair
2, Vice Chair

In addition to the above we would also ideally like to replace the following:

3. Social Secretary, to coordinate any social events.
4. Minute Taker (this is a co-opted position) and as such has no term attached to it. The suggestion would be for a year initially and it be reviewed annually.

There will be voting slips available from the next monthly meeting. Ian has added a link to the Nomination Forms if anyone wishes to use it.
You can download a nomination form using the link opposite.

If anyone would like to see how the Committee works they are more than welcome to attend a meeting. Just ask a member of the committee and they will point you in the right direction.

We hope that members will see this as an opportunity to add their voice to Wessington U3A and help us move forward into the new decade with added strength and versatility.

Lynn Anderson 3rd February 2020


KYNREN update

I have paid the deposit for Kynren.

There are 26 people going.

I need the balance on or before the May General meeting which is on the 18th May.

There is £49 still owed to Kynren and then £10 per person for the coach.

There are still 3 seats available on the coach for anyone who wants to book their own ticket and just come on the coach.

The show starts at 8pm and we are all sitting close to one another

All travel times will be available nearer the time..

Any queries please contact me.


Carolynn Anderson 24/01/2020


Social Fund
At the Committee Meeting today we discussed the Social Fund as a few people have queried what we are spending the money on?

The answer is nothing so far.

So we have decided to ask the members what they think we should do with it?

It would need to be something that can include the whole membership and not just a group.
Something that everyone has the chance to take part in. If they take that opportunity up, is up to them, but it needs to be inclusive.

We are going to set up a suggestion box and forms for the next meeting so people can let us have their ideas.

The suggestions don't have to be just about the social fund we are happy to consider any positive suggestions from members, to help make our U3A better for everyone.

Lynn Anderson 6th January 2020


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