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BBC Visit

Litter Picking

Litter Picking We found a trolley en route and used it- thus we looked like bag people. We had a fine day until the last half hour, The colours of the leaves were awesome and we saw many fungi too!

Escape! 26/9/18
The latest Carpe Diem event was the Escape Rooms in Sunderland. Teams of six were locked into a room for 60 mins and had to escape using various clues and techniques before the time was up. There were twelve of us, two teams in two separate rooms. Neither team managed to escape though!!
Angela Burn

Campground Recycling Site 16/3/18

!3 intrepid Carpe Diem members visiting the Campground waste recycling centre I’m Springwell despite the sleet and near freezing temperatures.

Campground 1 Campground 2 Campground 6
Campground 3 Campground 4 Campground 5

Mosque Visit

Mosque 1 Mosque 2 Mosque 3

Boldon Auctions 13/2/18

Lots for Sale Allan at Boldon Auctions

Wine Tasting with Geoff Cullen.
24 November 2017
This event ran on similar lines to the previous wine tasting event. We sampled 8 wines:2 white and 6 red. The wines were grouped in pairs with each pair being made from the same grape type: Chardonnay, Malbec, Grenache, Syrah/Shiraz. All wines were within a fairly narrow price range of £7 - £12.

Ryhope Pumping station
10th September 2017

Ryhope Start Ryhope1 Ryhope2 Ryhope3

Tees River Cruise 28 June 2017
Despite the weather doing its best to 'scupper' our river trip, the cruise on the Princess was very enjoyable. It was a good social occasion enabling us to catch up with friends and meet new people. Talk ranged from the wildlife along the river to its industrial heritage. The afternoon tea was well presented and more to the point, was very tasty.

Kwik Fit, June 2017

Saltwell Sculpture Day 2016

18 August 2016, Visit to Police Tactical Training Centre

Excellent visit to play with the police guns. After our talk and tour I feel much safer knowing how well the special people are trained to protect us. The refreshments rated 10 out of 10.
Ann Huntley 20/08/16

We do some great things in Wessington U3A and Thursday's visit to the police Tactical Training Centre near Stockton was no exception. What an interesting visit. We were told about the training, numbers, use of force and so on but best of all, apart from the delicious snacks they had provided, was handling the weapons. I had never been up close to a serious firearm and I found that very interesting. We got to shoot at targets using the laser guns they use for training, unfortunately Kev and Allan ended up being shot by a man in a video who was drunk and aggressive, that wasn't so good. We saw the houses they can alter to suit their needs, towers, shooting ranges, so much more, all fascinating. I was reassured to hear the training for the armed response officers is the best in the world and has to be refreshed every year. Thank you to Margaret for organising something I gather not too many people get to do. I'm only sorry I can't remember the names of the two officers who led the visit, they did a great job. Jean Scott 20/08/2016

Carpe Diem! We seized the day and WHAT a day! Loved every minute of our tour of Tactical Training Centre (protecting people)! They are dedicated to literally "protecting people" for no extra wages! We had respect for these guys/gals before we came, but, wow, now respect is through the roof!! We were so privileged to be given an insight to what is required both physically and mentally for them to be able to protect US! So sleep easy tonight knowing that there are trained professionals out there willing to put their lives on the line for us! They take a lot of stick from the press but HEADLINES are just that, HEADLINES not FACT! Thank You Margaret for organizing it!
Joan Molloy 18.08.16

Fabulous visit to the Police Tactical Training Centre today. Respect for the men and women who sign up to this work. The Russells turned out to be hot shots but Peter's negotiating skills didn't cut it...
Thanks to Margaret Welsh for organisation of, and all attending who made it a great experience.
Anne Phillipson 18/08/2016

27th September, Gateshead Sculpture Day 2015

20th August 2015, Car Treasure Hunt
From the Customs House, South Shields back to Biddick Club

11th & 12th June 2015, Lambton Estate and Biddick Hall

22nd May 2015, Tynemouth RNLI Station

27th April 2015 Temple Visit
Thanks to Mali this went off very well. There were 31 of us plus Mali, so a good turnout indeed. Here are a couple of images that convey a flavour of the day.

14 November 2014, visit to Komatsu

26 October 2014, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Spennymoor CPC

28 September 2014, Gateshead Wooden Sculpture Day

There were 12 of us making Penshaw monument, mistaken for the Parthenon by one onlooker. I think I can say a good weary time was had by all. Not only did we get a visit from the camera club the Mayor insisted on having his photo taken with the full squad in front of our creation.
Peter Russell

30 July 2014, visit to Newcastle synagogue

25 July 2014

Our 3rd Wine Tasting. The theme of this was wines for a barbeque.

20 June 2014, Tees River Cruise
20 people took part in this event. The weather was very kind and the cruise was very peaceful. At £15-50 with afternoon tea (sandwiches, scones and cakes) included it was good value.

23 May 2014
Car Treasure Hunt
There were 30 questions set over a 10 mile route.
3 teams took part and the scoring was very close.
The picture shows Peter Russell presenting the winning team with a trophy.
Despite bad weather all contestants seemed to enjoy the experience.

24 April 2014, Nissan Visit

2 April 2014
----- Carpe Diem went to the dogs, Sunderland Greyhound Stadium to be more precise. The £7-50 three course meal deal was very good value for money and the whole evening was much enjoyed, even by those who did not profit from the gambling. I don't think the serious studying of form did Peter R much good!

1 March 2014 Ten-pin Bowling
17 people took part in our second ten-pin bowling day at South Shields.

24 Jan 2014, Go-Karting
We went to the Dunston track - more interesting than some as it is a figure 8, which necessitates a bridge and up and down ramps. 8 people 'raced' and there were several observers including a number from the Digital Photography group. Thanks to Anne Phillipson for the first photos. Note that lighting was very poor so the images are very grainy as a result.

12 December 2013,Christmas Wine Tasting with Geoff Cullen.
This event ran on similar lines to the April wine tasting. We sampled 8 wines: one sparkling, one rose, two white, 3 red and one white dessert wine. The wines were fairly similarly priced, ranging from £6 to £13.

22 Nov 2013, Murder Mystery

22 Oct 2013, Cheese Tasting

20 Sept 2013, Snow Tubing, Silksworth

23 Aug 2013, White Water Rafting, Tees Barrage

24 July, Durham Brewery Visit

21 June 2013, Ten-pin Bowling

24 April 2013, Wine Tasting
Our first event took place at North Biddick Social Club.
We were guided by Geoff Cullen, who had not only chosen the wines but had decanted them in preparation for the event. Geoff had chosen reasonably priced wines but had included some grape varieties and countries with which we might not be familiar.
We tasted 8 different wines, 2 white and 6 red.