Book Reviews

Not exactly reviews but recommended as interesting texts set in North Korea.
This is Paradise by Hyok Kim
Nothing to envy by Barbara Demick
Discovering Joy by Joy Goon
Eyes of the Tailless Animals by Soon Ok Lee
Somewhere inside by Laura Ling and Lisa Ling
The Girl with Seven Names by Hyeonseo Lee
A River In Darkness by Masai Ishikawa
The Reluctant Communist
In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park
NK Confidential by D Tudor and J Pearson
The Real NK by Andrei Lankov
The Great Leader and the Pilot by Blaine Harden
Every Falling Star bySungju Lee
Dear Leader by Jane Jin Sung

Do No Harm by Henry Marsh.
Henry Marsh is a consultant neuro surgeon working in the NHS and visits Ukraine as a volunteer regularly. His book is divided into chapters which deal with a condition that might develop requiring his expertise. He spends much of his time treating tumours, ironically his own son developed a brain tumour as a boy. He speaks very movingly about the people who cope with such distressing health problems. He has an understanding of the emotions felt when getting good or bad news. It describes what the brain looks like, how it reacts and what can and cant be done.. A fascinating insight into his world.
Jean Scott

Book review for LUCKY BY ALICE SEBOLD.
I chose to read Lucky by Alice SEBOLD because I'd enjoyed THE LOVELY BONES so much.
This is the true story of how, as an 18 year old student, she was the victim of a vicious rape and horrific beating that took place in a tunnel amongst dead leaves and detritus.
She chose LUCKY , a rather dubious title in the circumstances,after being informed by a well meaning policeman that another girl had been murdered in the same place so she'd been lucky to survive.
It's a harrowing tale, honest and direct, and includes reflections on the inadequacy of her parents post attack and during the trial.
I love her writing style.Emotions and narrative tension are beautifully dealt with and her courage and tenacity shine through to the relatively positive conclusion.
from Susan Gray