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13 December 2019
Planning meeting for 2020 DP Programme

29 November 2019
"Image of the Year" competition judged by Alan Symons from Washington Camera Club

15 November 19
Ian judged our "Night" images and then showed a series of videos about "selections" in PSE13.

1 November 19
Ian presented information about Focus Stacking, a technique that creates greater depth of field than can be obtained from a single image.

18 October 2019
Many thanks to Jean Barnett for judging our "Coastal" images

4 October 2019
Pat gave us feedback on our Still Life photos and awarded the following placings:

6 September 2019
Bill gave us feedback on our "Seaham" images. This was followed by viewing some of the members' slide shows. The latter being in preparation for Digital Photography's presentation at the Wessington 21 October monthly meeting.

23 August 2019
Peter gave feedback on our "Chester le Street" images. This was followed by a Photoshop workshop on converting to B&W

2 August 2019
Kevin judged our "Riverside" prints and gave feedback:
We also viewed Member's edited versions of the "Members Images"

28 June 2019
Chris Morton gave a presentation on using your iPad and smart phone for photography. The session was attended by group members and some visitors from our U3A and was well received.
Ian gave feedback on our "Age" competition

31 May 2019
Chris Morton gave feedback and results for our "Sunderland" competition.
Chris also awarded Highly Commended to "Metal Tree".
Peter Barnett presented a Photoshop session on how to use a single photo to correct for a high dynamic range problem (usually 'blown' highlights).

17 May 2019
Filters - "what do you use". Thanks Enid, Liz and Celia

5 April 2019
Washington image competition judged by Ian
The second session covered the Dodge, Burn and Sponge tools

22 March 2019
Camera Basics
Red image competition judged by Pat Fawcett

22 February 2019
Slideshow refresher

8th February 2019
Talk by Joe Sheridan

25 January 2019
Photoshop Elements Basics Pt 2

11 January 2019
Photoshop Elements Basics Pt 1

14 December 2018
Planning Meeting

30 November 2018
Congratulations to Peter Barnett for winning the Image of the Year competition judged by Allan Symons.

16 November 2018
B&W image competition judged by Derek Buller

Black CabbageBuilding Snowmen Beamish Train The Eye Has It
Ian WardlawChristine Dobinson Peter Barnett Chris Morton

Derek also awarded three Highly Commended:

Standing Proud Celia Reeve
Lost Passengers Christine Dobinson
Ice Crystals Ian Wardlaw

19 October 2018
Results of the "Inside the Museum" competition, judged by Chris Morton.

First Second Third Fourth
Maritime Museum Discovery 2 Rocket Wheel RNLI Seaham
Peter Barnett Kevin Parker Kevin Parker Enid Hopper

7 September 2018
Originally planned as visit to Hexham but, due into lack of interest, this changed to a meeting in Woodridge Gardens. In fact only 6 people attended but we had a good session looking at and discussing recent photos both digital and some prints.

24 August 2018
The results of two competitions was decided today:
First Derek Buller judged the "Yellow" competition. This proved to be a popular competition with over 25 prints submitted. Derek awarded several Highly Commended as follows:

Buttercup Meadow Gavin Butterfield
Canary 8 Kevin Parker
Margaret Peter Barnett
Tools of the Trade Jim Mitchell
Fire Flower Ian Wardlaw
Marbles Liz Donkin
Touch of Mustard Christine Dobinson
Time for a Sharp Exit Kevin Parker

He then moved on to the placings.

First Second Third Fourth
Yellow at Heart Alesund Lighthouse (Iceland) Alstromeria @ Parceval
Christine Dobinson Peter Barnett Peter Barnett Bill Brookes

Peter Barnett then judged the Tall Ships competition:

First Second Third Fourth
Rope Patterns Tall Ships 2018 Riggin Ready The Ship's Dancer
Liz Donkin Derek Buller Chris Morton Ian Wardlaw

Following the judging Angel Burn talked about her life as a photo journalist and answered questions.

10 August 2018
Location assignment to Tanfield. Only 3 people turned up for this shoot so the competition was abandoned.

27 July 2018
Photobook preparation presented by Ian

13 July 2018
Location Assignment to Tall Ships Sunderland

29 June
Feedback from Chris Morton on Beamish prints.

First Second Third Fourth
Signal Box Talking Bicycles Preparing Breakfast Beamish Press
Peter Barnett Enid Hopper Kevin Parker Peter Barnett

15th June 2018
Feedback from Celia on our Finchale Priory images.
Take some images and do something with them in Photoshop

First Second Third Fourth
A Bridge to FinchaleFinchale CryptRepeating ArchesEnter Here
Ian WardlawChris MortonLiz DonkinIan Wardlaw

1st June 2018
Location assignment to Beamish Museum

18 May 2018
Feedback from Anne on our Newcastle Cathedral prints (see below).
Liz presented her images on colour popping and back-lighting.
Ian presented a tip on "content aware fill".

First Second Third Fourth
Light & Shade Contemplation Peaceful Moment Window & Pews
Celia Reeve Gavin Butterfield Peter Barnett Peter Barnett

4 May 2018
Location Assignment to Finchale Priory

20 April
Derek Buller gave feedback on the Shildon Locomotion prints (se below).
Bill Brookes gave a presentation on the History of Cameras.
Derek Buller gave a presentation of his colour slides.

First Second ThirdFourth
Locomotion Old & New Down the Line Big Yellow WheelsLine to Locomotion
. All 4 photos by Peter Barnett!

6 April
Location assignment - St Nicolas Cathedral, Newcastle

23rd March 2018
HDR Photography

9th March 2018
Location assignment to Locomotion at Shildon

23rd February 2018
Feedback on image competition "Glass and Ornaments"

First Second ThirdFourth
Peter Barnett Chris MortonLiz DonkinKevin Parker

9th February 2018
Peter presented a session on layer masks

26th January 2018
Pat gave feedback on our "Food and Drink" image competition
Anne gave a presentation on "History of Portrait Photography"

12th January 2018
Programme discussion and members images from 2017

15th December 2017
Planning meeting

1st December 2017
Allan Symons judged our “Buildings/Architecture”

First Second Third
Central ArcadeCastle in Slovenia Basilica
Joan MolloyLiz Donkin Ian Wardlaw

17th November 2017
Buildings/Architecture prints and Photoshop session.

3rd November 2017
2 member session. Peter covered some useful tips included how to improve night time shots. Ian covered astrophotography.

20th October 2017
Results of two Prints Competitios:

1) Portraits and People

First Second Third
Dreadlocks Little Imp Signal, what signal?
Anne Phillipson Anne Phillipson Enid Hopper

2) Macro

First Second Third
Pepper Centre Point Leaf
Anne Phillipson Peter Barnett Liz Donkin

6th October 2017
Calendar images and session on Camera Raw by Peter

22nd September 2017
Location images. Refresher session on Movie Maker.

8th September 2017
Location assignment to Washington Village

11th August 2017
Assignment images and a learning game

28th July 2017
Assignment location to Tynemouth

14th July 2017
Results of Seascapes Prints Competition:

First Second Third
Race Rocks Old Man and the Sea Cruel Sea
Chris Morton Peter Barnett Anne Phillipson

30th June 2017
Images for calendar. Collage basics in Photoshop

16th June 2017
3 member session with Liz, Christine and Ian followed by Macro photography.

2nd June 2017
Slideshow preparation refresher

19th May 2017
Assignment images

5th May 2017
Location assignment at Durham

21st April 2017
2 member session, Ian and Celia did a before and after image presentation. For the second session we looked a camera settings.

7th April 2017
Prints Competition Results: Ships and Boats
Group work for "Buildings/Architecture" image competition

First Second Third
Close Hauled, Chris Morton In Port, Ian Wardlaw Marilyn Elliot

24th March 2017
Image competition. Converting images to B&W.

10th March 2017
Location assignment images.

24 February 2017
Location assignment to Newcastle.

10 February 2017
"Three Members Session": Anne Phillipson, Peter Mittins and Bill Brookes showed their photos and talked about how they had edited them.
Peter Barnett showed a YouTube clip titled 5 Blend Modes. This is by local photographer Jimmy McIntyre who has a website Through Strange Lenses that members might like to have a look at. Obviously the website promotes Jimmy's products for sale, but scroll down the Home page to see 21 pages of Jimmy's stunning photos.

27 January 2017
Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.
See the Notes and Tips page to view or download more information.

13 January 2017
Camera basics

16 December 2016
Planning meeting.

2 December 2016
Will Ireland gave a talk about judging photos and then judged our two photo competitions with the following results:
"Black & White"

First Second Third
The Louvre Church Eggshell Artist
Kevin Parker Gavin Butterfield Ian Wardlaw

"Pot Pourri"

First Second ..... Third
Waiting for photo Our Cat ..... Tea Cup Caper
John Humphries Liz Donkin Derek Buller

18 November 2016
Annimated GIFs

4 November 2016
Albelli tutorial with Pat
Replacing skies and B&W tutorial

21 October 2016
Blending Modes Photoshop tutorial

7 October 2016
Talk by Allan Symons from Washington Camera Club on "Photography"

23 September 2016
Photoshop tutorials

9 September 2016
Print Competitions Results and Feedback

First Second Third
Industrial Decay Drilling Platform Engine 34
Peter Barnett Chris Morton Ian Wardlaw
First Second Third


First Second Third
The Stream Be Careful Now Kids Harvest Time
Liz DonkinIan Wardlaw

26 August 2016
Location visit to the Tall Ships at Blyth

12 August 2016
Members session with Enid, Marilyn and Chris. Second session was creating panoramas

29 July 2016
Tips and Tricks from Ian (Easy Triptych technique, High Speed Video and Learning from faulty images), Kevin (Useful props to carry in your camera bag and using sellotape to keep children still for photographs), Peter (Use of a second Auto option in Camera RAW), Chris (iPhone App for selecting image from video), Bill (Instant postcard App)

15 July 2016
Images from our visit to Newby Hall

1 July 2016
Image competition feedback
"Artistic" 1st - Christine with Misty Farmhouse, 2nd - Bill with Statue
"Peaceful" 1st - Christine with The Lochan, 2nd - Gavin with Bandstand, 3rd - Liz with Young girl reading
Second session was members images using focus stacking.

17 June 2016
Four member session with Gavin, Bill, Kevin and Ian. Also a session on Focus Stacking with Ian. "Peaceful" and "Artistic" image competition.

3 June 2016
Image Noise by Peter, Photographing flowers by Ian

20 May 2016
Assignment images

6 May 2016
Location Assignment at Wallington Hall

22 April 2016
Photobook Preparation using Albelli with Pat

8 April 2016
Feedback from our judges on "Action" and "Abstract" image competitions.
Abstract winners: 1st Derek Buller, 2nd Ian Wardlaw, 3rd Peter Mittens

FirstSecond Third

Action winners: 1st Ian Wardlaw, 2nd Christine Dobinson, 3rd John Humphries

First Third

11 March 2016
Four member session with John, Ian and Anne. "Action" and "Abstract" image competitions.

26 February 2016
Peter B showed 2 time-lapse videos made with Moviemaker; the group worked on Moviemaker projects; we viewed a video of the Lake District made by Gavin. We saw this in 2 versions. The first was saved 'for computer' the second 'for High Definition display'. Our conclusion was that the latter was much better and did not produce a file that was unduly large. Finally, Peter showed a Canon video about (basic?) professional time-lapse photography.

12 February 2016
One to One session with an expert on Photoshop

29 January 2016
Four Members session with Peter, Pat, Bill and Christine

15 January 2016
One to One session with an expert on Photoshop

18 December 2015
Group members were invited to show up to four recent photos (some members struggled with the mathematical challenge!) and talk about how/why they were taken and how they were edited. The group discussion then suggested possible improvements. This format will be continued at some meetings next year.

4 December
2016 programme preparation meeting

20 November
Photo Print Competition - Landscape:

6 November
Photoshop tutorials

23 October
Assignment images

9 October
Assignment location - South Shields

25 September
Photo print competition - Macro:

11 September
B&W Photography

28 August
Photo assignment images

14 August
Restoring an Old Photo