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Wendover u3a during Covid

Wendover u3a has continued to be active during the Covid pandemic but as restrictions start to ease we look forward to resuming our normal activities. Main Meetings will continue taking place via Zoom for the next few months but we are planning towards a return to St Mary’s in September. Outdoor groups and small indoor groups are now able to meet face to face and we hope it won’t be long before the rest can resume. Keep an eye on the diary and the Groups page for more up to date information. The Newspaper provides details of events organised by Thames Valley Network and Third Age Trust, and is a forum for groups to share what they have been doing. The committee are keeping in touch with all members through the Chairman’s Monthly letter. Both of these will continue until we can resume our Main Meetings at St Mary’s.

The u3a (University of the Third Age) is a UK movement of people in their third age, no longer in full time work, who come together to learn, stay active and have fun in a friendly and informal environment. The movement includes over 400,000 u3a members in more than 1,000 u3as and is continuing to grow every day. Members of local u3as draw upon their knowledge and experiences to teach and learn from each other and share educational, creative and leisure activities in a friendly and informal environment.

Wendover u3a was established in 2000 and remains a thriving organisation with over 400 members. We have about sixty different Study Groups run by members and meeting regularly in venues within the Wendover area. We are always open to suggestions for new groups and welcome the involvement of all members as this is what makes Wendover such a flourishing and popular u3a. All members are welcome at our Main Meeting which is held on the first Wednesday of each month, in St. Mary's Church, Wendover. Members can also take part in regular outings organised by the Travel Team. To learn more about our activities please use the buttons on the page top Menu.

A Newsletter is published periodically giving details of what groups have been up to and information about forthcoming events. It can be collected from the church at the Main Meeting or accessed via the Newsletter button on the top Menu. Members also receive the "Third Age Matters" magazine which tells more about what is happening in the organisation nationally and can elect to sign up for the Third Age Trust digital monthly newsletter.

For further information about joining us: Please contact the membership secretary via the link on the Contacts button or email Membership.

To contact any member of the committee please use the Contacts. To communicate with a Group Convenor there is a Contact Icon on each group page.