Wendover Buckinghamshire

More about Excel 4 Beginners

How do I join? Put your name and contact details on the waiting list either at a U3A meeting or online.

1. Where and when are the sessions held? At the conveners home in Wendover on the 2nd Thursday morning in each month from 10:00 till 12:00.
2. How long is the course? Between 4 and 6 sessions dependent on course members requirements.
3. Do you have a maximum number of people per course? Yes, 6 people per session in order to allow enough 1:1 time for everyone.
4. Will there be homework? No but we hope that the session will be so inspirational that you will fly home afterward and practise what you have learnt. There is also practice time allowed within each session.
5. What will I need to bring to each session? Your laptop with a fairly recent edition of Microsoft Excel on it + a mouse that you are familiar with using. (Note Excel can be used without a mouse but it is far far less easy).
6. Will I need to buy any books? No, but the group will be critiquing various books available on Amazon during the first session and will report back on any amazing “best buys” If you do decide to buy a book in advance (of our feedback), keep it small and simple. Don’t even consider the Dummies book, which, whilst being an excellent reference book with 800 pages, it has all the allure and readability of a telephone directory!
7. Will there be refreshments during the sessions? Yes, coffee, tea, biscuits will always be available. Now and again we might have cake and fruit!
8. So what happens once my name is on the waiting list? Next year around March 2019, the convener will contact the first six (6) U3A members on the waiting list and confirm that they will be starting in April or May. The convener will ask for an agreement to keep their data securely and will arrange an informal group meeting (either at the Red Lion Wendover or Lucca Wendover) to meet the others and to discuss what each person would like to get out of the course.

In the meantime: ... Ponder on whether you will want to apply your new found skills to the family budget or the family fortunes when you win the lottery, or indeed whether you want to plan your dream house or impress (and teach) your grandkids that EXCEL can find the answers to most of life’s difficult decisions. ... HAPPY EXCELLING

Sue Thornton Oct 2018