Wendover Buckinghamshire

Main Meeting

All members are welcome to attend our Main Meetings which are held in St. Mary’s Church, Wendover on the first Wednesday of each month. The meetings start at 10am and finish around 11.50am.

Meetings begin with a brief welcome and introduction from the Chair followed by the opportunity for Group Convenors and Committee Members to make announcements about forthcoming events and activities.

Meetings are also a social occasion with tea, coffee and biscuits provided giving members the opportunity to talk to friends and make new acquaintances. A small supply of disposable cups will always be available at the Church for the coffee break but to reduce the use of single use plastic, it would be appreciated if members could bring their own coffee cup to the Main Meetings.

The coffee break also provides the opportunity for members to meet Group Convenors to find out more about Wendover u3a’s various study groups and activities. Wendover u3a currently has about 60 study groups offering a wide range of subjects to learn and enjoy. Members can also sign up for regular outings and holidays organised by the Travel Team. To learn more, simply click on the buttons at the top of the page.

Main Meetings continue with a presentation by invited speakers on a wide variety of topics. Dates of forthcoming meetings and speakers are listed below. Speakers’ Programmes can also be picked up at the Church at the Main meetings.

Parking at the Church

Parking near the Church is restricted due to the narrowness of Church Lane from the London Road end and large vehicles often have to use the Lane to deliver goods to the school. To ease congestion on Main Meeting days, we suggest that a one-way system is used i.e. entering Church Lane from the London Road and when leaving the meeting, to continue in the same direction to eventually turn left into Hale Lane to drive back into Wendover.

For members with accessibility needs, there is space opposite the Lych Gate where up to four cars may be parked. If no space is available, drive a little further down Church Lane where there is a right-hand turn into a car park situated at the back of the Church. This car park provides limited space for parking and easy access into the Church.

Our Monthly Speakers are:

Dates for your Diary
Wed Oct 6th Hugh Granger - Barnes Wallis .

"Barnes Wallis was born in Victorian times, but his mind was often a couple of generations ahead. He started off as an apprentice draughtsman, and his later diversity stemmed entirely from his own fertile imagination. He went from airships, including the magnificent R101, to aircraft, including the Wellington bomber. The logical next step was new types of bomb, from the famous bouncing bomb, to the 5 ton Tallboy, and eventually the massive Grandslam, which wrecked the Nazis' communications, and rendered the V weapons futile. After the war, he moved on to supersonic rocket propelled aircraft, which paved the way for Concord, and the swing wing fighter, a feature which still dominated the World's fighters. Thank goodness he was on our side!

This meeting is to be held in St Mary's booking is not required.
Wed Nov 3rd The Wendover u3a AGM followed by Bill George - A Varied Life.

Bill is a Wendover u3a member and has entertained us before at Main Meetings.

This meeting is planned to take place in St Mary's Church but will need to be confirmed so please watch this space.