Wendover Buckinghamshire


Newspaper Week beginning Monday 26th October 2020

Please share your news and Group activities with other members and send your articles to chairman , by the Friday beforehand.
Thank you to this week’s contributors.

This is 25th edition of the newspaper and it is my final one. In November Judy and Nick will take over as Joint Chairmen and I know you will give them support and help through their term of Office. I would like to thank the many members and committee who I have worked with during my time on the committee.

My three years as Chairman have been very enjoyable and different, during the first one, the Charity Commission coupled with the Third Age Trust were telling U3As that they needed to have various policies in order to comply with their organisations. Also the Data Protection laws needed to be understood and cascaded down to our Membership.

My second year passed without U3A having a vice Chairman although repeatedly asking members to step into this role. The most memorable moment was when I stated in the Autumn 2019 that this time next year I could be closing down Wendover U3A if no one came forward. This announcement was greeted with shocked silence in the church. I was extremely relieved when Judy and Nick offered to become Joint Vice Chairmen. This meant that Wendover U3A was not going to fold under my watch, little did I know what was coming in my third year!

Last March, I had to warn people to watch the website in case there was a problem with Coronavirus and advise people to wash their hands whilst saying/singing Happy Birthday through twice. During Coffee at the Main Meeting a member said that it made the queue for the toilets even slower!

By the end of month, we were closed down for three months, it soon became apparent that we needed some form of communication to keep our members in touch and display the Groups’ Activities which were carrying on remotely. The Web Newspaper was created with a monthly letter/email to members. In May the committee had a trial “Call My Bluff” quiz via Zoom and it was decided to give this a trial as a Main Meeting, attendances grew so now the monthly speaker is back via Zoom.

This has been a most challenging year for your committee with the Covid Regulations constantly changing whilst trying to get groups restarted. This is going to continue well into next year so please follow the safest ways of continuing with your involvement with the Groups and reading the Risk Assessments before any face to face contact. If you have not used Zoom before to attend a meeting, please see below.

Although I am leaving the committee, I shall, for the present, still be updating the website.

Thank you all for your support during the last three years. Belinda H.

Help Session for Zoom Beginners

On Monday 2nd November at 10.00, some of the committee are willing to help members to be able to participate in Zoom meetings. If you would like to join in with this session, it would be helpful to know whether you will be using a notepad e.g. Kindle, iPad, etc. a smartphone or a computer.
If your computer does not have a camera or speakers zoom will not work.

For us to be able to give you help it would be useful to know your phone number which hopefully you are able to have near your equipment. Please contact Chairman for the meeting details.

Our next Monthly Meeting on Wednesday 4th November via Zoom will be the AGM and the Graham Dawson Memorial Photographic Competition .

The details for this meeting will be sent out next weekend by email. The Accounts which have been signed off by Neville M. once again, will be available for members to view via the email next week.

Thank you for all the photographs which you have entered and to Paul M. for organising the competitions.



The answers to the film quiz questions (published last issue) based on the films which were on television during September are:
1. Ten men trap (anagram) - ENTRAPMENT
2. Has 007 been given this - LICENCE TO KILL
3. This non black carnivore is coming back again - THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER
4. Jafar was a character in this Disney film – ALADDIN
5. - not a month or a year but one of these in a week for this dog like omnivore - THE DAY OF THE JACKAL
Thank you, Margaret B and Veronica L.

Bird Watching

A conversation between a Member and Convenor:

I think that this is a Little Egret seen yesterday on Wendover Arm near footpath to Weston Turville church? Did not see the kingfisher!!!! John L.

That’s right John. Good spot. More often seen there in spring than autumn. 40 years ago Little Egrets were a rare visitor to the UK. Now they are resident breeding birds. Could be due to climate change, as formerly they were birds of warm climates such as Africa and the very southern parts of Europe. Tony B

Brewing Studies One

I would like to thank this group for letting me trial conducting a poll, in preparation for the AGM, on the attributes of their beers. It was a very useful exercise on my part.
Belinda H.


This group met at the National Trust Centre on Dunstable Downs for a walk led by Paddy A. Although they arrived in a short burst of rain which quickly stopped so they had a pleasant walk over to the Tree Cathedral with some splendid views.

Walking Group

This group is now taking bookings for most walks for two groups of six which will do the same walk but in opposite directions. The convenor is keeping the web page up to date so one knows whether there are spaces available. Thank you Brian.


We met for the first time on Zoom on 22 November many of us not having seen each other for some time.

Tips on caring for hydrangeas and the best time to plant sweet pea seeds were discussed along with why some runner beans had been abundant and others nearly non existent. Also what to do with a surplus of red cabbage! There were also some unusual shaped tomatoes which had been very good this year.

Tithonia (the Mexican Sunflower) has been especially prolific with bright orange flowers.

We were encouraged to purchase seeds of ‘Bishop’s Children’ dahlia and the Castor Oil plant (with bold, glossy palmate leaves, reddish-purple in colour).

Some of us had the opportunity to visit gardens including Wisley and Harcourt Arboretum and also to see the wonderful autumn colours of Wendover Woods. One of our members visited the Scilly Isles and saw some of the glorious flowers blooming now.
Veronica L.

Art Two

Derek Y. Vee B.Chris B June C.
Derek Y Vee B. Chris B. June C.

For every issue of the newspaper, I have had a contribution of pictures from this group, I eagerly await the arrival of these electronically from Chris B, never knowing whether there will be four or twenty pictures. The additional pages are always uploaded onto a separate link page. It has been pleasing to see how this group has continued throughout lockdown inspired and encouraged by their two convenors June C. and Chris B.

Other News

U3A Diaries
These have arrived and there are some spare ones, please contact Richard our Treasurer if you would like to purchase one.

Driving Licences for over 70’s
Are you aware that Driving Licence Reminders are no longer sent out it is up to the individual to remember to renew it?

Just a thought…

When the human body was created were n’t we lucky that we were not given floppy ears or long noses, how would we have worn our hearing aids, spectacles and face masks, correctly?

What fore sight our Creator must have had!