Wendover Buckinghamshire


Newspaper Week beginning Monday 25th May 2020

Please keep sharing your group news and personal activities with the whole of Wendover U3A. Send your articles to chairman@wendoveru3a.org.uk , by the Saturday beforehand. Thank you.

If you have been a regular reader of this newspaper you will have noticed a number of Blue Tit photographs taken by John L. He has kindly written an article about his challenge please see below. Mine has been to try to keep Wendover U3A moving forward and still reaching out to people within these strange times. By producing the weekly newspaper with your help, I hope, I am achieving this but I cannot do it without your assistance so please let me have details of your U3A group activities and individual undertakings.

As we approach the cancellation of our third Main Meeting the committee are hosting a virtual Call My Bluff panel game for you to become a member of the audience on Wednesday 3rd June at 10.00 am.
Any U3A member can become a participant of the audience by applying to the Chairman for the “Zoom” Meeting details. A reply will be sent out giving the details of the meeting and the direct link. For some internet browsers one may not have to downloaded Zoom if the meeting link is used. However, if you wish to have Zoom on your computer the instructions are on a link from this page.

Please Be Aware that :
After May 30, 2020, all Zoom clients on older versions will receive a forced upgrade when trying to join meetings as GCM Encryption (this will give increased security) will be fully enabled across the Zoom platform. The easiest thing to do is open zoom and see if there is a message before one tries to start a new meeting.

Richard B, our Treasurer has updated our Financial report in alignment with the Third Age Trust recommendations, it can be found on the Membership page of the website.

Sadly, at present U3A can only meet up via the virtual world and phone calls so please keep in touch using these methods. The messages and advice we are receiving from the government is at times hopeful and frequently confusing however one thing is clear that social distancing must continue and we must not overstep this advice. I refer you to an extract from the most recent Third Age Trust newsletter:

"Some members have been asking about whether it is time to resume some face to face meetings. It is really important that we all continue to follow the government and NHS guidance.
The U3A movement has been guided throughout this time by that advice and should continue to do so – for the safety and wellbeing of all our members.
We have been advised by our insurers that this is crucial from a public liability insurance perspective.”

A Quote from our Insurers - 20/05/20

All U3A activities should have an appropriate risk assessment / checklist to ensure they are safe for U3A members to participate in. Government input about Covid19 is central to any risk assessment and given the advice remains “stay at home as much as possible” and “limit contact with other people” it follows that face-to-face U3A activity should not be undertaken at present. The government reasons for leaving home remain very limited and do not include for leisure activities such as provided by the U3A.

The most recent Third Age Trust Newsletter can be found via a link from this page.
If you have been a regular reader of this newspaper you will have noticed a number of Blue Tit photographs taken by John L. He has kindly written an article about his challenge please see below.

Group News

Folk Music

Members of the Folk Music Group have continued to meet weekly via ‘Zoom’ and have risen to the challenge of attempting to play and record some music remotely via the wonders of the internet and their short recording of the lovely Scottish tune ‘Leaving Lismore’ can be found on Youtube by typing in ‘Wendover U3A Folk Music Group’ in that website's search bar or via this link %Leaving Lismore%. Richard G.


Last Tuesday, some of this group met virtually and after a general discussion they were taken on the walk that should have been taking place that day by Brian E. showing photographs and talking us through the route. The walk started at the Bridgewater Arms (Little Gaddesden), notes for the walk can be found on a link via the walking group page.

Bird Watching

Tony B. is going to start giving notes twice a week about what’s going on locally and, hopefully, some interesting photographs. On Thursday he reported that in the morning he had heard a Cuckoo calling on the World's End Lane side of Weston Turville Reservoir. The call was quite clear, but he didn't see it, unfortunately. A few days beforehand he had suggested that the most likely host species there would be Reed Warblers.
Tony has been sending out pictures for the group to identify on a daily basis from almost the beginning of “Lockdown”.

Other News

“Lockdown” challenge of photographing our blue tits"

I am sure that many of us have enjoyed watching birds in the garden during this difficult time. As I sat in the garden watching I thought that I would challenge myself to get a sharp photograph of a blue tit in flight. As you know they are rather fast!!
After many attempts and many hours, I realised that I had to try to predict the flight path to the nest and pick a target spot, get shutter speed and focus point right plus the right light. But then they keep changing their flight path!!
I finally got the shots I wanted and this week managed to photograph one fledgling on its first day out of the nest.
Fellow photographers may be interested to know that I used a minimum shutter speed 1/2500 second to freeze the wings in flight.
John L.