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A local person was contacted by telephone by a man who gave a name and said he was a policeman from Uxbridge. The caller said he had got our member's carer there with a lot of money for him!

The member involved does not have a carer so immediately ended the call and reported it to the police, who said there was no-one with that name at Uxbridge Police Station. Presumably this was intended to be some sort of Bank / ID fraud which could have resulted in our member's bank account being raided.

The Friends of Wendover Health Centre

The Friends of Wendover Health Centre, provide volunteer drivers to aid patients getting to Medical appointments. They would like to hear from anyone who could give a few hours of their time to help with this very worthwhile service. One can offer to be contacted as little as one afternoon a week and select long or local journeys. Petrol costs are paid at 50 per mile.

For further details, please contact the Webmaster.

Car MOT's

Please be aware that vehicle owners/drivers do not get an annual MOT reminder. It's very easy to forget with disastrous consequences, particularly if you are involved in a accident.

With this https://www.reminders.mot-testing.service.gov.uk/ link it is very simple to set up an annual reminder. You just put a registration number and an email address into the box. It sends a reminder one month before your MOT expires then another two weeks prior if you've not had your car tested.

To add Ice Details (emergency contact information) to any Mobile Phone

To add Ice Details to any mobile phone's locked screen follow the instructions from the link on this page.

Wendover Community Car

Can you spare just a couple of hours a week or more to help drive the Wendover Community car?
Please contact the Wendover Community car via the Links Page of this website.

Are you aware that if you wear hearing aids you are entitled to a disabled rail card which enables one to travel at any time with a discount?