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To send a message to a Group Convenor, please scan down this page to locate the group of your choice. Click on that group to access the Group Page and then click on the blue envelope in top right corner of that page.

The main activity of our U3A takes place within the various Study Groups. Each Interest Group is headed by Group Convenor but members of the Group are asked to share in its running.
• A full list of our groups with information about them can be seen at the bottom of this page.
• For information about which groups have availability please click on the link Availability Groups.
• These Groups are open to U3A members.
• Convenors, please remember to update the Monthly Meeting Screen for each Main Meeting. You will be reminded about this each month.
• Helpful information and guidelines for convenors can be found by clicking on the link entitled Convenors on right side of this page.

It is a member’s responsibility, when taking part in a group which involves physical activity eg walking, table tennis, soft tennis, dancing that he /she only participates if well enough to do so.

Wendover U3A Groups’ News December 2019


Could you please take a few minutes to check your individual group’s page on the website to ensure that is has correct and up to date information. Please continue to keep us informed of any changes in your groups.

We have had a good year this year in the groups. We have gained two new groups, Bird Watching and Creative Textiles 2 and several groups have grown in size and popularity. Our membership has grown from 473 at the beginning of the year to 519 now and of course since January all members are full members. We had a very successful Convenors’ meeting in May following on from our Groups’ Census which we do appreciate took some time to complete. We will be asking you to do the same this year but it will be so much easier – a light touch update! Our annual Drop In session in August was most successful with many interesting group displays and of course the Photographic Competition.

We would like to thank all the convenors for their very hard work over the year and hope they realise just how much they are appreciated.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Linda and Liz

Linda and Liz

Group List
ArchaeologyArchitectureArt 1Art 2
Art AppreciationBird WatchingBowling Ten PinBowls
Bowls Short MatBrewing Studies 1Brewing Studies 2Bridge Improvers
CanastaChurches & CathedralsComputers BeginnersComputing, Excel 4 Beginners.
Country DancingCreative Textiles 1Creative Textiles 2Creative Writing
Discovering WildflowersDiscussion 1Discussion 2Drama
FilmFolk MusicFrench 1French 2
French 3Gardening 1Gardening 2Gardening 3
GenealogyHistoryHumour Italian- Beginners
Latin -BeginnersLatin UnderstandingListening to MusicLiterature 1
Literature 2OlogyOperaPhotography
Pudding ExchangeRail RoversSalsaScience & Technology
Scrabble 1Singing for FunSoft TennisStrollers
Sunday LunchesTable Tennis 1Table Tennis 2Table Tennis 3
Theatre LocalTransportUkuleleUnderstanding Classic Poetry
WalkingWine Appreciation
Group List
Art 1Art 2
Art AppreciationBird Watching
Bowling Ten PinBowls
Bowls Short MatBrewing Studies 1
Brewing Studies 2Bridge Improvers
CanastaChurches & Cathedrals
Computers BeginnersComputing, Excel 4 Beginners.
Country DancingCreative Textiles 1
Creative Textiles 2Creative Writing
Discovering WildflowersDiscussion 1
Discussion 2Drama
FilmFolk Music
French 1French 2
French 3Gardening 1
Gardening 2Gardening 3
Humour Italian- Beginners
Latin -BeginnersLatin Understanding
Listening to MusicLiterature 1
Literature 2Ology
Pudding ExchangeRail Rovers
SalsaScience & Technology
Scrabble 1Singing for Fun
Soft TennisStrollers
Sunday LunchesTable Tennis 1
Table Tennis 2Table Tennis 3
Theatre LocalTransport
UkuleleUnderstanding Classic Poetry
WalkingWine Appreciation