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{Wendover U3A Groups’ News September 2021}


Thank you so much to all the convenors who have let us know their plans for the future. From the replies we have received, we can confirm that there are 43 groups who plan to meet this September, five who plan to resume meetings in October or November and four who are still unsure at the moment.

Most of our halls are open and ready for business. We have heard that St Mary’s Centre is now ready but the library meeting rooms have restricted numbers. You will have read in the Chairman’s letter that the committee is willing to fund the first three meetings to make the hall bookings more financially viable. We recommend that convenors contact the hall managers to ensure their slot is reserved for them or do feel free to contact us for further information. Please continue to check the Groups’ Page of the website for updates. Once you have arranged to meet up, please complete a risk assessment and make sure your members are aware of any changes, eg extra ventilation or not sharing equipment. We will also be checking to see if there are any smaller halls available for groups who may be nervous about meeting in members’ homes or just need more space.

As we enter what could be thought of as a new term, it may be that your group has vacancies. We have updated the List of Groups document on the Groups page of the website using information we have been given by convenors and the Rolling Screen shown at the main meeting. Please let us know if we need to update your entry.

As you know we are always eager to start new groups. At the August meeting we announced a possible new group. The aim of this group is to make a historical/photographic record of the damage caused to Wendover and the surrounding area by HS2. Please contact us by email groups@wendoveru3a.org.uk or via the website if you would like any further information and we can forward it on.

If you have difficulty in accessing any of the documents or have any questions, please contact Groups or Chairman.
Do check the website frequently for updates and please make sure any website diary entries are up to date. If you need help with this, let us know. It would be useful if meetings were put on your diary page which would in turn update the Main Diary Page. This would prevent any meetings being arranged on the same day and any new members can see at a glance what is going on.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,
Kind regards,
Linda and Liz
Joint Groups’ Coordinators

Group List
ArchaeologyArchitectureArt 1Art 2
Art AppreciationBird WatchingBowling Ten PinBowls
Bowls Short MatBrewing Studies 1Brewing Studies 2Bridge Improvers
CanastaChurches & CathedralsComputers BeginnersComputing, Excel 4 Beginners.
Country DancingCreative Textiles 1Creative Textiles 2Creative Writing
Discovering WildflowersDiscussion 1Discussion 2Drama
FilmFolk MusicFrench 1French 2
French 3Gardening 1Gardening 2Gardening 3
GenealogyHistoryHumour Italian- Beginners
Latin IntermediateLatin UnderstandingListening to MusicLiterature 1
Literature 2OlogyOperaPhotography
Pudding ExchangeRail RoversSalsaScience & Technology
Scrabble 1Singing for FunSoft TennisSpanish for Beginners
StrollersSunday LunchesTable Tennis 1Table Tennis 2
Table Tennis 3Theatre LocalTransportUkulele
Understanding Classic PoetryWalkingWine Appreciation
Group List
Art 1Art 2
Art AppreciationBird Watching
Bowling Ten PinBowls
Bowls Short MatBrewing Studies 1
Brewing Studies 2Bridge Improvers
CanastaChurches & Cathedrals
Computers BeginnersComputing, Excel 4 Beginners.
Country DancingCreative Textiles 1
Creative Textiles 2Creative Writing
Discovering WildflowersDiscussion 1
Discussion 2Drama
FilmFolk Music
French 1French 2
French 3Gardening 1
Gardening 2Gardening 3
Humour Italian- Beginners
Latin IntermediateLatin Understanding
Listening to MusicLiterature 1
Literature 2Ology
Pudding ExchangeRail Rovers
SalsaScience & Technology
Scrabble 1Singing for Fun
Soft TennisSpanish for Beginners
StrollersSunday Lunches
Table Tennis 1Table Tennis 2
Table Tennis 3Theatre Local
Understanding Classic PoetryWalking
Wine Appreciation