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The main activity of our U3A takes place within the various Study Groups.

• Each Interest Group is headed by Group Convenor but members of the Group are asked to share in the running.
• A full list of our groups with information about them can be seen at the bottom of this page.
• These Groups are open to U3A members and now also to Associate Members.
• Convenors, please remember to update the Monthly Meeting Screen for each Main Meeting. You will be reminded about this each month by email.

It is a member’s responsibility, when taking part in a group which involves physical activity eg walking, table tennis, soft tennis, dancing that he /she only participates if well enough to do so.

Wendover U3A Groups’ News March 2018

Thank you to all convenors who attended the annual Convenors’ Meeting despite a pretty wild lunchtime snowfall on Wednesday 28th February.

Lots of lively discussion and helpful feedback which the committee will be examining these next few weeks. Thank you.

Thanks also go to the convenor of the Creative Textiles Group. The waiting list for her group has been addressed by setting up a sub group on the 3rd Friday afternoon of the month. Well done to all involved and for acting so promptly on this.

Can you help? Do you speak French? We have a waiting list for our French 2 group which we would like to address. These are members with some knowledge of French who want to gain more accuracy with their grammar and gain confidence in speaking. You would not necessarily need to be the group’s convenor. We are looking for a tutor.

Welcome to all our recent new Associate Members and we hope you are finding a place in the group(s) of your choice. Do remember - if a group is full ask the convenor to add your name to the group waiting list so that once we have a few names on a list we can consider forming a new group on that theme. Any problem with this please don’t hesitate to contact me via the link above.

Lindsay Smith – Groups’ Coordinator.

Group List
ArchaeologyArchitectureArt 1Art 2
Art AppreciationBoard GamesBowling Ten PinBowls
Bowls Short MatBrewing Studies 1Brewing Studies 2Canasta
ChessChurches & CathedralsComputers BeginnersCountry Dancing
Creative TextilesCreative WritingDiscovering WildflowersDiscussion 1
Discussion 2DramaFilmFolk Music
French 1French 2French 3Gardening 1
Gardening 2Gardening 3GenealogyHistory
Humour Listening to MusicLiterature 1Literature 2
OlogyOperaPoetry and Play readingPudding Exchange
Rail RoversSalsaScience & TechnologyScrabble 1
Singing for FunSoft TennisStrollersSunday Lunches
Table Tennis 1Table Tennis 2Theatre LocalTransport
UkuleleUnderstanding Classic PoetryUnderstanding LatinWalking
Weight AdjustmentWine Appreciation
Group List
Art 1Art 2
Art AppreciationBoard Games
Bowling Ten PinBowls
Bowls Short MatBrewing Studies 1
Brewing Studies 2Canasta
ChessChurches & Cathedrals
Computers BeginnersCountry Dancing
Creative TextilesCreative Writing
Discovering WildflowersDiscussion 1
Discussion 2Drama
FilmFolk Music
French 1French 2
French 3Gardening 1
Gardening 2Gardening 3
Humour Listening to Music
Literature 1Literature 2
Poetry and Play readingPudding Exchange
Rail RoversSalsa
Science & TechnologyScrabble 1
Singing for FunSoft Tennis
StrollersSunday Lunches
Table Tennis 1Table Tennis 2
Theatre LocalTransport
UkuleleUnderstanding Classic Poetry
Understanding LatinWalking
Weight AdjustmentWine Appreciation