Wem & District

Social event reviews

A fun filled evening was had at Edstaston Village Hall on Friday 4 May when several members gathered to listen to Alfie Moore's live show...."It's a fair cop/work in progress".

Anyone who has already heard his show on Radio 4 will know the format of the evening. For those of us who had no knowledge of Alfie we were treated to an evening of "police" humour. All good clean fun with lots of audience participation. A big thank you to Derek Trotter for his participation!!!

August saw a group of us head off to Escapism in Chester. Why would we want to be locked in a room and then have to answer clues to get out? Because it was good fun. Once we had made our escape, or in some cases been let out we headed of to the Egerton Arms for supper. Good fun and lots of laughter. A big thank your to Paul and Sue Young for organising the event.