Nunney walk

Monday 9th September - Nunney

Walk Leaders: Patsy & Stan

A walk 5.5 mile in the Nunney area. We need to meet at the car park, which was an old disused quarry. The George, where we will have lunch, has very limited car parking space, but we will call in there on our way past to use their facilities.

If you drive down the hill into Nunney, from the roundabout on the A361, in the centre, turn left, cross the bridge and park in the car park on the right, by the castle (grid reference 732:457). Post code nearby is BA11 4NJ. I would like us to start walking from the car park by 09.15 to call in at the George for those who need so to do.

The walk is an undulating wooded walk, which takes us out beside Nunney Brook, through the Combe and north towards Whatley. We briefly join the East Mendip Way to Railford Bottom. We walk behind quarries, through woods and wildflower meadows and for a very short time along the road. Not much in the way of livestock to contend with and only one stile in the five and a half miles. The paths in the woods were prone to fallen trees and protruding tree roots, but mainly firm – with rain they could become muddy (sticks recommended). Continuing from Manor farm along Stony Lane, behind Colemans quarry to Holwell, then some wading opportunities for the likes of Shelagh as we walk back down the Combe along the river bank, slippy in places, then across a meadow and into Nunney, back up to the car park where we will change our boots and walk down to the pub.

The weather forecast had, for some days, predicted heavy rain for this walk. So, when seventeen of us turned up we were all prepared for the worst. No time today to explore Nunney Castle, said by Pevsner to be aesthetically the most impressive in Somerset, as we set off on our walk, well kitted out for the rain.

The rain was persistent but never heavy, so it all felt quite pleasant! Underfoot on footpaths through woods needed care and this was where walking poles proved very useful. As we crossed fields, over-inquisitive cows and horses were put in their place by the more experienced of the group and hopefully the rest of us learned a bit.

We had to cross a couple of busy roads, not easy for a large group but it worked well and safely thanks to the care of our leader Patsy and our backmarker Stan. As a newcomer, I feel very reassured to be in a large walking group that is so well organised.

Back to the car park, adjacent to the Castle, and then a minute’s walk to The George, which felt very comforting and warm. “A grand day out”
Report by Don