Doggerland Update

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Doggerland Update

If you happened to see the story about our Doggerland adventure, that Wendy and John had, we now have more to add. There is a link to an edited version of the original article called Floods old and new.
We have pursued this story, believing it to be of interest.
We have now been able to contact Professor Vince Gaffney who, with other nations that border the area, have just carried out a survey of this area called Doggerland.
There has been a lot of surveying for gas and oil in the past so that has helped to start mapping out the area in more detail.
In May 2019 he did a survey in likely areas that might have been populated by the Mesolithic people and has found some flint artefacts. One of these is like our ‘Oyster opening’ flint.
We have recently paid a visit to the Somerset Heritage Centre (SHC) and seen the regular finds officer, Laura Burnett, who had been on Maternity leave when we met a different officer who, in Wells Museum, had positively identified one of our flints as having been knapped.
Having taken all the finds to SHC, more information has been added to the records.
You can see these if you copy and paste this link.


Although we keep the artefacts, it can be seen on the comprehensive British Museum Web site to anyone who might be studying the fascinating part of our heritage. The date suggested is c14,000 to 4000 BCE
We are pleased we went that extra mile.