BBQ Walk 2019

Thursday 18th July – The Horringtons followed by BBQ

Walk Leaders: Patsy & Don

From South Horrington to West Horrington, East Horrington & back to South Horrington

The route for this walk has now been AMMENDED. It is just over 4 miles and there are NO stiles. The route will take in the buildings around South Horrington before crossing the B3139 and following a path through a field, up to West Horrington, through W Horrington village and back out to cross the B3139 at the Horrington School junction. Then follow Veal Lane to East Horrington enjoying the views.

We will then cross the Old Frome Road and walk down Chilcote Lane, past Chilcote Manor turning onto Lyatt Lane, briefly onto the East Mendip Way, before going down through the field opposite South Horrington and back across the Old Frome Rd and up to the pavilion.

It is mainly on quiet lanes and will take us about 2 ¼ hours. We have a considerable climb on the way up to W Horrington, we then have fairly easy walking with a few undulations and a fairly steep slope from the Lyatt down towards the Old Frome Rd. There is unlikely to be mud except where the cattle gather by the gates. It would be advisable to have walking poles/sticks for balance along the last descent where there may be holes made by the cattle to catch the unwary. On the whole the grass in the fields has been cut short making it reasonably easy underfoot. The grass on the final descent is generally longer, hiding the potholes. There were cattle with young in this field.

A little bit cool and cloudy as we set off from Wells Cricket Club in South Horrington but dry after last night’s (welcome) rain. We had a brief description and history of the old asylum, now converted into homes, as we walked through the grounds.

The next stage was uphill through fields (we had been warned!) towards West Horrington but, as always, the views made the climb worthwhile. From the village we walked along lanes to East Horrington, some rather nice houses and the Horringtons Cricket field for a coffee stop. At this point the weather started to improve and the rest of the walk saw increasing sun.

We passed Chilcote Manor and turned towards the Lyatt, skirted that and followed a steep downhill path through fields back to South Horrington. Throughout this walk we had had glorious views.

As we approached the Cricket Club we could smell the delicious aroma of the barbecue drifting towards us.

While we had been walking a dedicated team had been busy preparing for our return. Special thanks must go to Ann and Barbara who do so much of the organizing, Nicky and Peter for providing the delicious burgers and sausages and particularly Peter, with his “BBQ Chef” hat on, working over a hot barbecue on what was now a hot day. Many others helped too and, of course, there was the usual massive selection of dishes - savory and sweet - brought by everybody.

A very pleasant walk, just the right length, followed by an excellent feast!
Report by Nick