Protocol with finds

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Protocol for reporting finds and actions taken by us.

We contacted, Wessex Archeology, and Professor Vince Gaffney of Birmingham University, but none of them seemed interested. We even contacted the Time Team, but they had already done a program on the Doggerland idea.
So we did our best.
The Somerset Finds Officer was interested, taking photos and notes at the time.
When we researched the subject on the internet we came upon this information
When the Brughell of 11650 m3 a trailing suction hopper, or the Valaandeme dredger were used in the North Sea, any artifacts found have to be reported to the Crown Estate, as they are of archeological importance. Crown Estate, English Heritage, have commissioned Wessex Archeology to identify and log all finds.
There is a proper protocol for reporting finds of archeological interest for the Crown Estate