Wendy Recollects

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Up to the time that Wendy was 15 she, her brother and friends had the local St Leonards beach as their playground. With a keen interest in all things wildlife, she knew exactly what sort of shells could be found and what the lovely golden sand looked like.
It was therefore on good authority that, when we visited the beach she said that it had changed.
As we walked along the beach we came upon a 20m stretch that was inundated flints (see pictures), oyster and other shells. These had not been on the beach in her childhood. As the picture shows the oyster shells were very large. We realised that the flints were not ordinary either.
Two seemed particularly interesting. One looked as if it was a sort of screwdriver, while the other a scraper. The Somerset Finds Officer positively identified the latter as having been knapped. See Pictures of some of the finds
The beach too was several metres higher than she remembered it. In fact fishermen informed us that the beach had indeed changed making it more difficult for them to launch their boat. They said stuff had been dredged up from the North Sea to try to hold back the sea on future high tides.
John and I were present for a civic event in, Skegness, to remember the 42 people who had tragically died on the Lincolnshire coast in January 1953.

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