Cycling Report for 9th September 2021

After a few people dropped out due to the inclement weather we ended up with five of us meeting at Lidl's in Wells at 10.00am (Graham and Barbara, Roger D., Denise and myself). As it was still raining we had a discussion on whether to cut the ride short and cycle to Sweets for a brunch and return to Wells, do the whole route as intended or start a reverse route to Sweets and then decide if the weather clears to continue. In the end we decided to still do the whole route, and the direction was decided on by the toss of a coin, which was to ride the route as originally intended.

So, we set off along the Strawberry Line towards Dulcote, and then to Launcherley and Barrow before meeting the junction of the A361 at West Pennard. During this part of the ride we had various showers of different intensities. Our ongoing route took us through Coxbridge and on to our coffee stop at Baltonsborough Cafe. By this time we were all soaked and welcomed sitting inside the cafe out of the weather. The drinks and and cakes were all up to the usual standard, and while we were there we had a severe downpour which seemed to be the end of the heavy rain from then on.

Our onward route from Baltonsborough was blessed with only light showers at times and the sun came out at various stages. The route to the outskirts of Street was flat and we crossed the A39 at a pedestrian crossing for our ongoing ride through Sharpham Nature Reserve pathway to the junction with Station Road, Shapwick. From here we headed to Meare and then towards Westhay and on to Sweets for our lunch stop at 1.00pm. By this time we had all mostly dried out and we sat undercover at Sweets to enjoy drinks and snacks from a limited menu.

On our intended route back to Wells via Fenny Castle and Burcott, three of us decided to take a more direct route home while the remaining two headed back to the start point. In total the ride was approximately 28.5 miles over mostly flat terrain. Apart from the morning rain all of us enjoyed the ride and it was good to have group company during the day.


Cycling Report for 23rd September 2021

Eight of us, Steve, Ollie, Roger D., Pete M., John W x 2, Paul and myself, left Wedmore car park at about 10.15 am. It was a pleasant enough morning with no rain, wind or extreme heat. We toodled along for 12 miles through Heath House, Burtle to Chilton Polden for coffee. The coffee house has been taken over from Liv, the previous owner/cyclist, by 'J' who calls it J's Bistro. Fortunately the coffee and cakes are equally good as before.

When we left there was a bit of unmade road at the bottom of an disused railway line to negotiate. This was a piece of cake due to the lack of rain in the past few weeks. Back on the road we divided naturally into 2 groups of 4 which helped with traffic easement on the way to Riche's Cider Farm - our lunch stop......and very good it was too!

As the sun came out we discussed a slight extension to our ride which took us nearly to Badgeworth (North of Mark). Roger, with his photographic memory, looked at the map and lead the ride from Mark. It was lovely, not even being spoiled by the 'muck-spreading-stink' around Stone Allerton. We all arrived safely in Wedmore car park, most of us cycling home from there.

Thank you everyone for an enjoyable ride. Approx. 29 miles.