Croscombe and Dinder Walk

Croscombe and Dinder Walk

Friday 13th August

Walk Leaders: Joy and Don

A very select group met in Croscombe to set off on a walk led by Joy.

The weather was overcast but stayed dry for us. We set off along Fayre Way in the direction of Dinder, leaving the road and heading into the fields where we came across one of the least attractive sights of the walk (see picture on the right) even though an essential facility!

We soon entered the very attractive and old village of Dinder, admiring the old buildings as we went, remarking that it was where the Somerville family once held sway.. newsreader Julia and author Christopher being recent famous members. We also noted the Dragon of Dinder famously killed by Bishop Jocelyn.

Then began our climb from the village. Just after passing Sharcombe House the remains of tank traps from the War were pointed out. Crossing a field we entered woods climbing to reach the pathway to the Lyatt. After a pause for coffee we set off along the Lyatt, enjoying the views to the south. Traversing various little used narrow roads and footpaths, we descended to reach Fayre Way again. Changing there out of our walking gear we headed for the welcome George Inn hostelry in Croscombe where we enjoyed a very pleasant lunch together.

Thanks to Joy and Don for looking after us and arranging for the weather to stay dry!

Report by John C