Wells Walk No.1

The First Walk of 2021 from Wells

Tuesday 1st June 2021

Walk Leaders: Nick & Nicky

On a glorious summer day the group went on the first walk of 2021. And what a super morning we had.

Having covered all the Covid restrictions and regulations, we had a very relaxed walk of just 3.6 miles. There were 9 members so we separated into two groups.

Our leader had chosen an easy walk to start us off and as the day turned out to be so hot we were very grateful. We set off along the Monarchs Way across Palace Field towards Wellesley. We walked round the edge of a field to avoid spoiling the newly planted maize. The ground had dried up so much that a normally large puddle across the track was easily passable. The route had been shortened from the original plan because another large field had been ploughed and tilled. This was just as well as on the day of the walk the farmer was out in his tractor with a very large piece of equipment behind levelling and tilling the field. We would not have been popular to try to cross the field! We found a shady spot by a stream to stop for a coffee or cool drink.

All the walkers agreed how nice it was to be out walking again with friends and chatting with people we had not seen for months. Thanks, Nick.

It was good to be back with friends enjoying the lovely quiet countryside around Wells.