Cycling Report 8th April 2021

Team 1
The ride started at Lidl’s in Wells with Team 1 consisting of Denise, Roger D., Chris, Peter W., Steve, and Ron as leader. We started off at 10.00am, 15 minutes before Team 2, and travelled North to cross the A371 and then to Wells Leisure Centre, picking up the Strawberry line through Haybridge. We then crossed the A371 and headed to Wookey, then to Fenny Castle and followed the levels lanes via Westhay to Shapwick and to the Avalon Marshes Nature Centre café where we had coffee and snacks. The café was surprisingly busy but we all managed to receive our orders fairly quickly.

After 30 minutes the second group arrived and therefore we headed off. Just as we left the café Chris had a problem with his bike chain so we waited until all was good and then headed to Burtle, River Bridge, Westham, Heathhouse, Sand and then down the B3151 to Sweet’s café for our lunch stop in the open covered area in the field. Everyone purchased a drink and some purchased food from the menu, limited due to current restrictions. After about an hour the second group arrived so we decided to leave and follow our planned route back to Wells via the levels lanes to Upper Godney, Polsham and to Fenny Castle. Steve left us at this point to head home to Easton while the rest of us took the road to Burcott and finally to Wells.

Total mileage for the ride was 31 miles and everyone in the group enjoyed the ride, which was mainly flat with just a few gentle hills, and we kept off the main traffic routes as much as possible. Everyone maintained their "social distance" due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Team 2

There were six of us as in Team 1: John Wh., John Wi., John Sea., John Seb., Pete M., and Arthur as leader, We left at 10.15am to allow plenty of time for Team 1 to get ahead, and followed the same route travelling on the Strawberry Line trackbed to Haybridge, Wookey and on to Westhay. It was a pleasure to get out onto the quiet of the Levels. We met up with Team 1 at the Avalon Centre who obviously had made good time as they were champing at the bit to get on their way. (While there enjoying a snack, I suddenly realised that my old Vintage Motorcycle club were also enjoying a morning out too, so I had a chance to catch up with some of them which meant we left a bit late!) We also followed the same route as the others to Sweets café, but tried and failed to find the drove road from Sand which misses out part of the main B road; hence the hour's difference in arriving at the café. After lunch it was back on the familiar route back to Wells but taking a more direct line missing out Polsham.

Thanks to Ron for organising the familiar but pleasant ride; a good turnout.

(Addendum: I found the going quite tough and when I came to alter the bar position the next day, I found out why. The front disc was out of alignment and the pad was binding; all because I had altered the bar height and had to replace the front brake cable and so removed the caliper but failed to centralise it properly!!!)


Cycling Report 22nd April 2021

Bright sunshine but with a cold east wind greeted us at Lidl’s car park in Wells. Team 1 of Peter W., John Sea., John Seb., led by John Wh. met and set off before 10:30 closely followed and caught up by their fifth member, Steve. Team 2 of Chris, Ron, Roger D., Barbara, and Graham then arrived and set off fifteen minutes later.

The route took us past the Bishop’s Palace and along the shared track to South Horrington. We then had the long steady climb up via East Horrington and Chilcote to Masbury for a welcome coffee break at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. We continued to the top of the hill, past the Wagon and Horses and descended through Waterlip to West Cranmore, and then on through Chesterblade, Evercreech, and Pylle, to the tithe barn in Pilton. We had a look around the inside of the 14th century barn with its recently restored roof and there was plenty of room for all of us to meet up and enjoy our picnic lunches suitably distanced in the sunshine outside. Arthur and Pete B. were also able to join us having come by a less hilly route!

In the afternoon, we set off in our two teams, again separated by at least 10 minutes, and returned to Wells by skirting the festival site to North Wooton, Launcherley and Dulcote. The total distance was approximately 26 miles (42 km) with around 1700 feet (520 m) of climbing. Many thanks to John Wh. for organising an enjoyable ride.


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Ride on 22-04-21