Cycling Report 22nd October 2020

The ride started at Lidl in Wells, with two groups of 4 people. Team 1 consisted of John Wh., Roger D., John Seb., and myself as team leader. Team 2 consisted of John Win., Pete M.(new member), Arthur, and Steve as team leader. We had staggered start times to ensure we kept within the government guidelines of having no more than 6 people in a group. Team 1 started at 10.00 am with Team 2 at 10.15 am.

From Wells we took the back roads to the Leisure Centre to pick up the pathway following the old Strawberry Line route into Haybridge, then onto Wookey and Fenny Castle. It was then a familiar ride across Westhay Moor Drove to Westhay and on to a coffee stop at the Avalon Marches Café. As we were about to leave Denise turned up to join our Team 1. She had an earlier appointment so could not get to Lidl for our intended team start time.

It was then on to Burtle, River Bridge and then a gradual climb up to Westham, Heath House and Sand before dropping down the B3151 to Sweets for a lunch break. Our return to Wells was to retrace our route across Westhay Moor Drove until the junction with Godney Drove, then south to Upper Godney, Polsham and back to Fenny Castle. It was then a more direct route through Burcott where Roger and Denise peeled off to return home to Westbury with the rest of us continuing into Wells. In total I clocked 31 miles, mainly flat with no Covid issues or mechanical failures.

Team 2 report

We followed a similar route to Team 1 and arrived at the Avalon centre about 15 to 20 mins after the first team, we had our usual fill of coffee and cake because it looked so tempting then left about 15 mins after team 1 to keep the gap between the two teams. About five miles further on Arthur realised he had left his rucsac at the Centre so Pete found their tel. number and kindly asked them to rescue it and that it would be collected later. We continued on to the lunch stop at Sweets emporium and found the others half way through their lunch. After lunch it was decided to vary the route back by following the old rail track back to Glastonbury after retrieving the rucsac which made a pleasant diversion, John Win. having previously peeled off at Westhay. In the end it was Arthur and Steve who rode back to Wells with a reading of 37 and 42 miles covered respectively.