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Cycling Report 26th August 2020

This ride was brought forward at short notice to the only day in the week forecasted to be dry. Unfortunately, only six could make the change so we combined into a single team. Four of us set off from Glastonbury under a threat of showers and against a strong westerly wind along the old railway track to Ashcott Corner and on to Shapwick Road, dodging a couple of trees brought down in the overnight gales. Two more joined us at the coffee stop at the Marshes Hub.

Setting off again we climbed up through Shapwick to the A39 and down Pedwell Hill. We turned off the A361 in Greinton, climbed through the village of Moorlinch and dropped down towards Sutton Mallet and the levels.

The original plan was to take the cycle track to Bawdrip alongside the river but this was closed for resurfacing. So we looped back through Stawell and the Tower Road climb up to the A39. All appeared unscathed from the 20 yards along the very busy and narrow main road to descend to Chilton Polden then down through Catcott and across the levels to Burtle. At last with the wind behind us and the sun shining we sailed back to Westhay and on to Sweets for lunch where we met Arthur (suitably socially distanced) and could take advantage of the 50% “Eat Out” reduction (it being Wednesday).

We then split, some taking the planned route back to Glastonbury via Meare and Ashcott Corner for a total of 32 miles, while others headed home to Wells or Easton.