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Cycling Report 21st March 2019

(This ride was postponed from 14th March)

Eight of us gathered at the beginning of the Strawberry Way cycle path near the now closed Cheddar cycles (Chris would have made nine but he unfortunately misread the directions), where we cycled the 10.5 miles to Yatton and the coffee stop (lovely cakes Roger W!). Retracing our steps to Congesbury to the A370 we then took the hairy r/h pavement for about a mile to the Puxton turn, facing the oncoming traffic with the path getting pretty narrow in places, I for one was glad when we reached the lane. Banwell was eventually reached where we only had to cross the busy road into High Street and the start of the climb up to where the famous Bone Cave is, carrying on through Barton passing Crookes Peak on our left, past The Webbington and on to the New Inn at Cross for lunch.

Deciding the route back to Cheddar after lunch was a no brainer, the shortest route via Cheddar reservoir which did mean lifting the bikes over the gate to gain access, two of which were heavy e-bikes; Dicks being an interesting ex Royal Mail one converted by Dick himself. Back at Cheddar, I clocked 28.5 miles, those who rode to/from Cheddar considerably more. Many thanks to Roger for a great run.


Cycling Report 28th March 2019

Seven of us met at Langport in overcast but dry conditions then headed down the railway path south towards Ilminster where Chris took us to the Art Centre for coffee and cake: a place we have visited in the past. Just beyond the Art centre is Dillington Place, a council run house and garden for various activities which looked lovely in the now emerging sun. Our venue for lunch was to be Barrington Boar, a pub specialising in expensive but lovingly cooked food. Mine was a wild garlic soup with a mushroom and spice pate and sourdough bread. The return to Langport took us through Shepton Beauchamp and Muchelney: a ride of 28 miles. Thanks Chris for a very picturesque run.