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Cycling Report 22nd August 2019

The ride scheduled for the 22nd August was organised by John Wi., but he expected he couldn't lead it as the builders were in, so I was asked if I would do so. However I was relieved to see that John was at the start after all so the pressure was off.

The route was a familiar one through Glastonbury to the cycle track and on to Ashcott where we stopped for refreshment at the Albion Truck stop (a shortage of cake there!) then on to Catcott and Chilton Polden. However as John had got wind of a road closure he took us on a devious route which circumnavigated the blockage and ended up at Sweets for lunch, not quite traffic free though even on the narrow lanes through Tealham and Tadham Moors. After lunch we all went our separate ways back home.

Many thanks John for giving an interesting run even taking us past his new (to him) house in Meare. My mileage was 26.5 others much longer.