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Cycling Report 5th September 2019

This extra ride went well, with seven of us turned up at the new venue on the Axbridge bypass with Roger D in charge. We rode to Yatton on the Strawberry Line path and by mutual consent went on to Clevedon and eventually found a well sheltered cafe on the front which was obviously popular by the number of people and cyclists already there. However, suitably refreshed we headed for our lunch stop at Sandford up the hilly suburbs of Clevedon and on over Kenn Moor to the Railway Inn which was also very popular, but we did eventually get fed and watered even though several of us had to make do with white bread as the kitchen had run out of the lovely seeded brown. Finally back down the cycle track to the car park where I recorded 26.5 miles and Roger quite a few more as he rode there from home as did Ron but he had a lift home.

Thanks Roger for organising the run and laying on the good weather


Cycling Report 12th September 2019

Peter W organised this ride, a local one with a few tweaks to keep us on our toes.

From Lidl’s we aimed for Godney and the Double Gates cafe taking in the short stretch of cycle path by the leisure centre and on to Wookey but instead of the Long Ford route we doubled back to Burcott and on to Godney. Arriving there we were able to sit outside and as there were only another couple of cyclists there we were served pretty quickly. From there we went west towards Tadham Moor but before we got there it was dodge the huge tractors and trailers transporting grass for silage! On up the hill to Westham where a little light electrical assistance was needed and on to Wedmore for the lunch stop at the delightful cafe opposite the Church, again in the garden. Lunch was a leisurely affair enjoying the late summer sun but as there were still some miles to go before we arrived home we eventually mounted the bikes and set off for Bagley on the ridge and then dropped down a 1 in 4 hill onto the Levels and on to Wells, a distance of 26.5 miles with ten of us enjoying the ride.

Thanks Pete for a local ride with a difference.


Cycling Report 26th September 2019

The day dawned cloudy but the sun soon began to shine as we headed toward the rendezvous point in Wedmore. Expecting only 5 to 6 people, I was a bit surprised, and anxious as Wedmore car park filled up with cyclists. Fifteen in all started the ride.

We headed out on country lanes until we had a couple of miles through Mark on roads which weren't too busy. Three years ago I cycled a little way on the Panam Highway in Costa Rica. The road we took to Burnham was infinitely worse than that. Thank heaven it was only a couple of miles. Sorry folks, I was trying to keep the mileage down.

Our alternative coffee stop which was on the sea-front (forced on by the sheer size of the group) was delightful. We all sat outside in the sunshine. Then passing through Brean with a smattering of Ye! Ha! cowboys in evidence, we headed on Sustrans track 33 to Uphill. So up the Bleadon hill we went and down the other bleadon side, to our lunch stop at The Queen's Arms. After a good repast we mounted our bikes and cycled lovely countryside through Loxton, Cross, Weare etc. and back past the golf course to Wedmore.

Thank you all for a lovely day. 32 miles was covered on this route.