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Cycling Report 10th October 2019

For one who is averse to cycling in the rain, I found it a bit daunting to see horrible weather, day after day, during the countdown to last Thursday’s ride – but, Eureka! The weather men assured us that the sun would reappear for one day only and that, miraculously, would be on our cycling day!

Sure enough from early morning the sky was pretty cloudless and, at the Cranmore starting point, there were ten riders ready for the off. It was a bit chilly despite the sun, but we soon warmed up as we climbed through Waterlip, and then stormed (?) the big climb in Holford. Once past the quarries the lanes were more attractive as we descended into Radstock for the coffee stop at the Swallow Community café which is conveniently located at the Frome end of Colliers Way cycle track. This is run as a charity to support local people with learning difficulties and they couldn’t have done more for us. It should be borne in mind for a future lunch or coffee stop! They can cater for large numbers too.

As we found our way onto the cycle track, the clouds had reappeared but without discharging their contents and it was a pleasant, easy potter beside the old railway (one track still in place). Back on the lanes we took a steep descent into picturesque Great Elm and then a steep uphill section into Frome for lunch at Sainsbury’s. Actually the intended route here was via fewer town roads – sorry for my mistake!

From Frome we made our way through the lanes to Nunney, pausing beside the castle and on via Downhead and East Cranmore back to the start. So we had
managed to do the circuit without a drop of rain and our technical expert (Geoff) could tell us that, included in the 27 miles covered, was a cumulative climbing score of just under 2,200 feet. Well I did say that the terrain was undulating didn’t I?

John W.

Cycling Report 24th October 2019

Despite unstable weather forecast, we had a turnout of 10 riders ready to go by 10.15. We went off through damp and mud at good speed to arrive dry at the Buttercross cafe in Somerton for a welcome coffee and cake. After a good break, we set off in improving weather down the long hill to Low Ham and Henley Corner, with a well maintained speed and copious supplies of (more) mud. We flew up Pedwell hill to Ashcott, for lunch at the Ring of Bells. Not used this one for a long time, but worked out fine, despite obvious minor problems behind the bar.

The return to Glastonbury was in good sunshine, along the familiar nature trail, for a total around 29 miles.

Out of interest, we had 3 (30%) electric bikes, and 5 or 6 people opted to ride from home, so maybe our less than 30 mile yardstick could sometimes be exceeded. When sunny, of course!