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Cycling Report 28th November 2019

Roger's Tour de Mendips
15 of us left Wells Lidl at 10.15. Split into 2 groups we passed the Bishops Palace and went via the footpath to the Mendip Hospital and then to East Horrington and the Rocky Mountain Café for coffee. Linda was waiting for us there. But we lost Barbara who cycled back home.

So, after coffee 15 of us set off for Binegar and Gurney Slade. Again split into 2 groups, we continued up the hill to cross the A367 just north of Nettlebridge. We continued to just south of Holcombe were we turned right towards Soho. Along this road was the 1 in 5 hill which most of us rode up (I didn't). Around Halecombe quarry we headed back to Leigh on Mendip. The front group missed out the planned detour and went straight to Stoke St Michael (due to time going on). Luckily the second group which were some way behind did the same. Through Oakhill we headed back to the Rocky Mountain café for lunch.

After lunch it was down hill all the way via Dinder and Dulcote back to Wells. With a number of us going back to Wells via East Horrington, a number dropping out to go home at various points, there were only a couple of us who made it back to Lidl's! But all said that they had enjoyed this somewhat hilly route.


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Ready to go 28-11-19
Ready to go

Ride on 28-11-19
Distance: 41.83 km, 26.0 miles
Elevation gain: 644 m, 2113 ft
- data from Strava (Graham)