Wellington Shropshire

February's Cocktail - Rossini

A record number of 17 members attended the ever popular Cocktail Group. This month’s cocktail was the stunningly beautiful “Rossini” made from strawberry puree and Prosecco, decorated with a delicate strawberry heart. The ever thoughtful “mine host” James also made a Bellini cocktail as an alternative for those unable to eat strawberries. This was made from Prosecco and peach syrup and looked and tasted just as good as the main event. These cocktails were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

The Tapas that followed didn’t disappoint and certainly hit the spot, tender Teriyaki beef, a seafood platter of fish - including whitebait and prawns Delicious meats including lamb, barbequed spare ribs and chicken wings. All were served with pitta/ bread, dips, hummus and olives. There was so much to choose from we couldn’t eat everything. This was washed down with a non -alcoholic “mocktail”, Certainly not an afternoon for calorie counting, but an afternoon enjoyed in great company with lovely new friends.

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