Wellington Shropshire

Cocktails, Mocktails and Tapas

February meeting of the Cocktail Club

We met at Carriages Cocktail Bar and Restaurant in Wellington, and for most of us it was our first visit. We were all pleasantly surprised by how stylish venue was.

We were given a list of tapas to choose from and while the chef was preparing those we enjoyed watching our Blue Hawaii being mixed for us. (This was the cocktail that we had chosen to start with for our inaugural meeting). While this was being mixed we were told where and when it was invented and what the ingredients were. This was then served to us along with the tapas. We finished the meeting with a mocktail called Princess Margaret and it was delicious and refreshing. All agreed that the drinks and food were delicious.

We chose Tequila Sunrise to be our cocktail at the next meeting, and enjoyed a very social meeting.

March Meeting: Tequila Sunrise

Our March meeting was equally good and we enjoyed watching the 'sunrise' effect when James was making these cocktails. Again, we had a good choice of tapas to accompany our cocktails, and James had even found music to accompany it – Tequila Sunrise by the Eagles! To finish, we had a mocktail called Queen Charlie.

We chose Mai Tai for the next meeting in April. As the first Monday in April is a holiday the April meeting has been moved to the second Monday - 13th April 2015