Wellington Shropshire

Report of our January Walk

Kynnersley Walk - 28th January 2015

The weather forecast promised us a dull start , a chance of rain, but sun at 11 o'clock – a real mixed bag of weather, and it was not wrong! Luckily we had all dressed for it.

Marion led our walk from St Chad's Church in Kynnersley, around to Wall Farm, and back to the village.

It was an interesting walk on public and permitted footpaths, passing between fields of tall, bamboo-like hedges of what I was told was 'biomass', a quick growing plant that is used as fuel.

On reaching Wall Farm, the permissive path had been re-routed slightly and we walked alongside the long mound that was part of an Iron Age Fort – one of the largest surviving lowland forts in the country.

As we neared the end of our walk back into Kynnersley the hail came down and we doubled our walking pace to get back to our cars, and the sun came out!

In spite of the weather we had had a good walk and enjoyed each other's company.