Wellingborough & District

An Inside Voice

Your U3A Needs You

If you are an existing or a new member of the Wellingborough U3A you know it needs people to run it, we need people to step forward and help us to keep it running smoothly.
Without these people things would not happen, no monthly meetings, no interest groups, no local magazine and eventually NO U3A.

The elected members who help run the organisation do so for a three year term, this is for two reasons, firstly three years is enough for many, secondly we want to keep the Wellingborough U3A fresh and initiative and for this we need new ideas.

Our Chairman, Speaker seeker, vice treasurer and committee members have completed their first year. Thanks to these people for offering their services to the Wellingborough U3A.

Some of the existing committee are serving their final year so we will be looking for new blood next year. Please give some thought to this and if you feel you can help to keep the Wellingborough U3A going for another 3 years consider stepping up.


The membership fee for the Wellingborough U3A is still £12 this year, as explained at the AGM because of increased cost from the National Office and our own cost increases the membership fee for next year will go up to £15 which we feel still gives excellent value.

To help keep cost down please re-new your membership during August/September, that way we can pay the bills and you can continue to attend the groups and the monthly meetings. If you are not a member then you won’t be covered by our insurance and are not entitled to attend meetings or groups.
There are several ways to pay and if you like to do it in person there are two get togethers in August and the AGM in September where you can do this.

The Venue

Meetings at the United Reformed Church are being well attended and are being enjoyed by record numbers. Having just the one meeting enables members to all meet and the earlier opening has given more time to have a chat and a cupper. One meeting has also enabled us to have some very good speakers with more to come.
If you haven't attended a monthly meeting before then why not give it a try we have plenty of room.


The groups pages are only as good as the information passed on to the Web Master, if you are a group leader please check your group page and let the Web Master know if there are any changes required. Think about vacancies, location, events and anything else you want your group members to know.
Thanks to those leaders who have sent some photos of what their group does, this is your web site and it is only as good as what you help to put into it.