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This month we welcomed Martin Lloyd, who gave us a fascinating talk on the subject ‘Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies’.

He told three interesting anecdotes on the development of our modern passport, the first from the mid-19th century when an assassination plot in Paris on Napoleon III and his empress by the Duke of Orsini caused the downfall of the British government, led by Lord Palmerstone. Lord Palmerston's signature was on the Duke’s false passport.
The second story was from the first world war; a German spy was able to come to Britain under a false American passport, and when he was eventually discovered this led to the introduction of photographs on passports - so think of that when you next see your unflattering passport photo.
Finally we were entertained with the tale of the arrest and prosecution of William Joyce, better known as Lord Haw-Haw. He was found guilty on a technicality - the possession of a British passport, which he was not in fact entitled to as an American citizen. He started to make his treasonous wartime broadcasts before this passport had expired, and it was argued that as such he was entitled to be treated as a British citizen at that time. On this basis he was convicted of treason and sentenced to death.

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195 members were present for Martin's talk


The raffle took £173 and the star prize was again a £50.00 M&S voucher.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Monday 20th May from 2.00 – 4.00pm at The Columbia Hotel. The Monday Meditation and Mindfulness group would like to invite anyone interested in joining the group to come along (no charge for this introductory session) to see what it’s all about. There have been many enquiries but, as it’s a new subject, some people are curious about our activities. This is a chance to experience an easy meditation, share in some mindfulness chat, and talk to present members about the sort of things we do. We do NOT sit on the floor cross-legged, chant, or do anything unusual – just sit on chairs and have a nice relaxing time! If you require further information you can contact Judy, group leader. Her phone number is in the newsletter.

Bridge For Beginners

This group is intended for those interested in learning how to play Bridge. The group will meet on the second and fourth Thursdays from 2.00 - 4.00 at the group leader's home. For further details, please contact the Wellingborough U3A Groups Co-ordinator via the contact page on the Wellingborough U3A website.

Walking Football

Is there anybody interested in joining a walking football group, if you are please contact Julie, Groups Coordinator


Don't Forget

Please remember to bring your plastic membership cards with you and have them ready for scanning so we can get you in more promptly. When you renew your membership this year you will not get a new card so please look after your existing card.


Digital Projector

The digital projector is now kept by The Web Master. If any group leaders would like to borrow the projector please contact Peter.

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