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Jane Barnes Our meeting in August featured Jane Barnes, with her talk on 'TALES FROM A FARMER’S WIFE'.
Jane and her husband Mark farm in Somerby, Leicestershire, with 120 Ayrshire cows whose milk is used to produce Stilton cheese. Since 1996, Stilton has borne European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. This means that it can only be made in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, and producers have to follow traditional recipes that have been around for generations.
In her talk, Jane explained the process of producing the famous blue veined cheese.
In addition to Stilton, Jane also brought samples of a variety of cheeses made at Somerby for purchase.

As a follow up to her talk, Jane has offered to conduct a group tour of the Farmer Barnes Dairy in September. The tour will show you a behind the scenes view of a modern working dairy farm and will include the history of farming at Somersby.
The date is Wednesday 28th September, which is a good time as there will be young calves to feed. The tour starts at 3pm and includes a guided tour, tractor ride and watching the cows being milked through the milking parlour. The afternoon concludes with tea and cakes at 5pm.
Stilton Cheese will be available to buy direct from the farm.

The 40 seater R&B Coach will pick us up at 12.45 from Wellingborough for a non-stop journey to Somerby Farm, just outside Melton Mowbray, and return to Wellingborough at about 7.30pm. Price is £35 per person inclusive of travel, guided tour and tea. The group is limited to 40 places, so please book as soon as you can.
Contact Pat Heed Social Secretary to request a Booking form and reserve your place or for further details.

Booking Forms will also be available at the August and September meetings. Full payment by cheque payable to Wellingborough u3a must be made by September 17th.

Our speaker at the next monthly meeting, on Wed Sep 7th will be Steven Lovell with his talk 'It’s a Landscaper's Life', a personal view of gardeners, gardens and how they fit into our lives. Steven is an authority of all matters of landscaping both intimate and on a grand scale, gardening, exotic and native plants, British wild birds and mammals and other visitors to our gardens.




U3A needs you Many of our current committee members will be ending their term of office this year. It is vital for the continued success of your u3a that we have a full committee. This past three years have called upon exceptional skills from the committee to keep our u3a going. Would you like to join us on the committee and take our u3a forward in what we now hope will be a better time? If we cannot replace the retiring committee members, the Wellingborough and District u3a may have to close down, which would be a great shame.

We desperately need members to fill the following roles.

Contact Treasurer

Web Co-ordinator
Contact Web Co-ordinator

Vice Chair
Contact Vice Chair

Groups Co-ordinator
Contact Groups co-ordinator

Publicity Officer
Contact Publicity Officer

Gift Aid Officer
Contact Treasurer

We also need members to take on non-committee roles. These are more task related and may not need attendance at committee meetings – but are just as essential.

In all cases, the current post holder will guide you through whatever you need to know, but a more detailed job description of each role will soon be posted here (click on the role listed above to see if it has been posted yet). If you feel you may be interested in taking on one of the above roles but are unsure of the commitment needed, please contact the current post holder who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


We also need someone with technology skills to assist us with setting up and running our Hybrid meetings. Previous knowledge of projection, sound and wi-fi systems would be useful, but a broad explanation of the equipment available and its functionality can be arranged for someone willing to transfer their home technology installation skills to have a go. Contact Social Secretary


U3A DAY 2022


Plans are gathering apace with arrangements for our u3a Day on 21st September at Chester House. For those not aware of Chester House Estate, it is a nationally significant heritage site, being one of the few places in the country which can demonstrate over 10,000 years of human activity. Within the Estate are a Café, shops, a museum and the Archaeological Resource Centre where artefacts from across the county will be housed and archived.

On September 21st Northamptonshire Network of u3as will be taking over the site to celebrate U3a Day with activities showcasing what we do, and entertainment provided by Ukulele groups, folk dancing, and crafting demonstrations. You can bring your own picnic or you can pre book an afternoon tea. There will also be a Hog Roast, barbecue and pizzas available.
The afternoon will include the culmination of the ‘Mile a Member’ challenge when it is envisaged that walkers from each of the Northamptonshire u3as participating will complete their final miles by meeting together in the Courtyard.
The ‘Mile a Member’ challenge is proving to be so successful that more than half of the participating u3as have already exceeded their target miles. There are now ten u3as in the challenge and a new overall target of 10,000 miles or more has been set for the Network of u3as.
Currently our own group has walked 360 miles –
The aim is to show how fit our u3a members are and how much we all enjoy a healthy walk, but it isn’t confined to members of walking groups. You can add your own miles to our total. Now’s the time to get out in the fresh air and enjoy some of the lovely Northamptonshire countryside. Go, if you can, to a recognised walking route, and add those miles to our total. Let’s keep the challenge going so that we meet and hopefully exceed our target of 624 miles.
Sywell Reservoir – 2.5 miles
Pitsford Reservoir Circular Walk – 6.7 miles
Rushden Lakes - Offers a short walk of just over a mile as well as a longer walk around the Nature Reserve of nearly five miles.
The Mile a Member Challenge was discussed on June’s u3a radio podcast, to hear it scroll to the bottom of this page, where you will find a link to the podcast on YouTube.
More news on activities planned will follow, but for now, put the date in your diary and tell your friends. Although there is no entry charge and there is plenty of parking, we need to know likely numbers of attendances to assist Chester House caterers. We will let you know how to reserve your places in our next newsletter.




Although we are now being asked to 'live with Covid' it has not disappeared, so if you plan to join in a group meeting please think about whether you are putting yourself at risk and how you can take care of yourself.

Group Leaders have been consulted, and a guidance document has been drawn up: Interest Group Covid Policy. This is also available on the 'Documents' page.

Please also

a) Consider your own general health and look at the NHS website for additional information.
b) Consider the health of anyone you live with.
c) Think about the activity you will be taking part in and talk to your Group leader. You can then make a decision about whether to take part at this time.
d) We request that you do not attend if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19.

Check back on this website for updates on the situation.

Stay well and remember that good ventilation is important when meeting others indoors.


Don't Forget

When we meet at the church, please remember to bring your *new* plastic membership cards with you and have them ready for scanning so we can get you in more promptly. This is a permanent card, so please look after it!
Also, if you would like a tea or coffee at the church, please remember to bring your own cup.


Digital Projector

The digital projector is currently kept by the Web Co-ordinator, Sue Burrell. If any group leaders would like to borrow the projector please contact Sue, Web Co-ordinator.

Remember to check the Groups pages and the Events page for the latest information.

u3a radio podcast June 2022