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CORONAVIRUS - Update 29/4/2022


Covid has not gone away but we are told we must simply learn to live with it, so in future we will be running our monthly meetings as we always have. All the precautions we put in place throughout the pandemic will be lifted and we will rely on our members good sense to ensure the safety of others. That means there will be no enforcement of social distancing or the wearing of masks. You will not be required to take a lateral flow test before attending or to register if attending in person.
Nevertheless, Covid is highly contagious and so if you or your family feel unwell before or on the day of the meeting, we would expect you to remain at home .

Drop-In sessions at Wellingborough Library are still suspended, but Garden Visits have now started again.


This is your events page. If you need advice on social or travel events, then check out the information on the subject on the Documents page - link at the top of this page. If your group has an event, or it has had to change an event venue or time, then please contact the Web Co-ordinator to make the amendment.


Venue - The United Reformed Church, High Street, Wellingborough.

Format - Doors open 12.30pm First Wednesday of the month

Free Tea and Coffee - This will NOT be available at our first meeting on 6th April. The practicalities of offering tea and coffee prior to meetings will be kept under review by the committee.

Please note that there is disabled access to the venue on the Salem Lane side of the building for anyone who has trouble with the steps. This is open and manned from 1.30pm - 2.30pm, and for a limited time at the end of the meeting. Disabled members/disabled visitors must also register at this entrance, please.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Jun 1st Roy Smart - The Last Naval Hero - Battle of Jutland
June 1st coincides with the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland., which was significant both for being the largest naval battle of the First World War, and for the number of lives lost which totalled 10,000 seamen on both sides. The British Navy lost three times more men and ships than the German fleet, but remained a powerful force while it left the German Navy too diminished to put to sea again while the war lasted.
Wed Jul 6th Graham Short - The Miniature world of Graham Short
Graham Short is a micro-artist, living and working In Birmingham. Known for producing miniature pieces of art within the eye of a needle or engraved on the head of a pin. He has spent over 50 years perfecting his art, going to physical and mental extremes to produce the highest-quality hand engravings ever seen with the aid of a microscope.
Wed Aug 3rd To be confirmed
Wed Sep 7th Steven Lovell - It’s a Landscapers Life
A personal view of gardeners, gardens and how they fit into our lives. Steven is an authority of all matters of Landscaping both intimate and on a grand scale, Gardening; Exotic and native plants’ British wild birds and mammals, and other visitors to our gardens.
Wed Oct 5th Peter Barratt - ‘Alice Hawkins – Suffragette’
The life of his suffragette great-grandmother Alice Hawkins, who campaigned for women’s rights over a hundred years ago. Sylvia Pankhurst recalled the beginning of the Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU) in Leicester: "I moved to Leicester to work among the women in the shoemaking industry. Mrs Hawkins, the WSPU secretary, was also active in the Bootmaker’s Union. She introduced me to a small producer’s co-operative factory…At night I held meetings for the local WSPU, amongst whom only Mrs Hawkins, dared mount the platform. The members were then almost all working class."
Wed Nov 2nd Ian Addis - The Life and Story of Charles Wicksteed
Charles Wicksteed was a minister of the utilitarian Church, inventor and mechanical engineer. In 1876 he set up Charles Wicksteed & Co. Ltd, based in Digby Street Kettering, which produced items such as the first hydraulic hacksaw, the original automatic gearbox, sawing machinery, wooden toys and power drills. To celebrate the end of the First World War, his factory purportedly removed a number of central heating pipes from its premises and used them to build swings for children, creating the first commercial playground. The success of the initiative eventually led to the founding of Wicksteed Playgrounds - the world's first playground manufacturing company, which is still operating. His main bequest was a park named after his family.
Wed Dec 7th AGM
Garden Visits
Tue May 17th Garden visit to Belvoir Castle Gardens. Leicestershire
Tue Jun 21st Garden visit to Capel Manor Gardens, Enfield
Tue Jul 19th Garden visit to Kiftsgate Court Gardens, Gloucestershire
Tue Aug 16th Garden visit to Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Tue Sep 20th Garden visit to Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire
Tue Oct 18th Garden visit to Cliveden, Buckinghamshire