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CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC - Update 02/06/2021


Although some Interest Groups are now finding that are able to meet again, larger assemblies such as the monthly members' meetings are still not possible and will continue by Zoom for now.

Trips and the Drop-In sessions at Wellingborough Library are also still suspended.

Check back on this website for updates on the situation.

Monthly meetings and some Group meetings take place over Zoom - please contact your group leader for details for your groups.


This is your events page. If you need advice on social or travel events, then check out the information on the subject on the Documents page - link at the top of this page. If your group has an event, or it has had to change an event venue or time, then please contact the General Groups Co-ordinator, or your Web Co-ordinator to make the amendment.

MONTHLY MEETINGS - These will take place over Zoom until Covid restrictions are lifted. An invitation to register will be sent out to all members for whom we have an email address each month, and a link to join the meeting will then be sent to all members who have registered.

Venue - (Post Covid) The United Reformed Church, High Street, Wellingborough.

Format - (Post Covid) Doors open 12.30pm First Wednesday of the month

Free Tea and Coffee - (Post Covid) is available before the meeting which commences promptly at 2.30pm

Please note that there is disabled access to the venue on the Salem Lane side of the building for anyone who has trouble with the steps. This is open and manned from 1.30pm - 2.30pm, and for a limited time at the end of the meeting. Disabled members/disabled visitors must also register at this entrance, please.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Nov 3rd ZOOM - 2.30pm

“Too rich, too thin and too American; a bewitching, vulgar, Yankee huntress, out for what she could get - a gold-digger!”
But rather, Wallis Simpson was in fact, a benevolent woman, caught up in a situation from which she could not extricate herself and who, on the eve of war, possibly saved us from a feckless king. However, as one of the most reviled women in history, Wallis, a twice-divorced American with two living husbands, became a hate figure for ensnaring our King and destabilising the monarchy. With his dashing good looks Edward V111 embodied the hopes and aspirations of most in 1936 - The Year of Three Kings! By renouncing the throne he convulsed the nation and brought dishonour and disgrace upon the Royal House of Windsor.
In his talk, Roy Smart recounts how Queen Mary despaired that her son had been beguiled by an American Sorceress, while Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, thought Mrs. Simpson tolerable as “a respectable whore but not as Queen Wally!” But the King, whose obsession with Wallis had become total dependency, signed the Instrument of Abdication, making way for the third monarch of 1936. Wallis Simpson, thereafter, carried the burden of blame for this catastrophe; and remains to this day, the enigmatic, compelling subject of gossip and fascination worldwide. Roy Smart lives in East Haddon, having formerly been a Naval Officer, Fleet Air Arm pilot and air director of many great national memorial events including the D Day, VE and VJ Day commemorations attended by the Queen and fifty heads of state.
We have invited Roy to visit us again in June 2022, on the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland to talk to us about David Earl Beatty - the last Naval Hero.
Wed Jan 5th 2022 ZOOM - 2.30pm
Gillian Walnes Perry MBE
Co-founder and Honorary Vice President Anne Frank Trust UK –
The Life and Legacy of Anne Frank
Wed Feb 2nd 2022 ZOOM or Hybrid Meeting - 2.30pm
Philip Caine – From Barrow to Baghdad and Back again.
Fascinating life story.
Wed Mar 2nd 2022 Live or Hybrid Meeting - 2.30pm
To Be Confirmed
- interview with athlete Anita Neil.
Wed Apr 6th 2022 ZOOM - 2.30pm
Alison Mees
 Wildlife Photographer Conservation project - Tigers
Wed May 4th 2022 ZOOM - 2.30pm
Robert Nurden
- An illustrated talk - 'Between Heaven and Earth. A Journey with My Grandfather'
Wed Jun 1st 2022 Live (TBC) - 2.30pm
Roy Smart
- The Last Naval Hero - - June 1st Anniversary of Battle of Jutland