AGM Minutes 2016

Welling U3A AGM No: 3

Welling U3A Annual General Meeting
held on Wednesday 22 June 2016 at 14:00
St Stephen’s Church Hall, Deepdene Road, Welling DA16 3QL

Pauline Griffin – Chair
Irene Thorley – Vice Chair
Kathy Dersley – Secretary
Donald Jarvis – Treasurer
Laurence Harmer – Assistant to Treasurer
Marlene Harmer – President
Tricia Covington – Membership Secretary
June Grout – Social Secretary
Pat Hobbs – Visit Co-Ordinator
Joyce Kurowski - Advisor/Pastoral Care
Pat Pitney - Newsletter/Group Co-Ordinator

In attendance:
Val Jarvis

Liz Anderson
Maureen Atkins
Jean Barnish
Glenda Gee
Lisa Knightsbridge


1 The meeting was opened and members welcomed by the Chairman, who also gave apologies received from those not able to attend.

2 The minutes of 2015 AGM had been sent to members with email addresses and copies were available at this meeting. Members given time to read through and the previous minutes were agreed as a true record.

3 There were no matters arising.

4 Annual Report
The key points of the Chair’s report were:-
1. As a U3A, Welling was going from strength to strength with approximately 165 members and it was hoped not to move too fast and to keep the reputation friendly.
2. Interest groups have grown and a list was available on the notice board. Special thanks given to all group leaders.
3. The finances were stable
4. There was a great committee working on everyone’s behalf, although Pat Hobbs was standing down and Sarah-Jane Ladbrook-Hutt had been co-opted onto the committee. It would be ideal if someone could be found to co-opt onto the committee as web manager to update the website on a monthly basis.

Financial Accounts 2015-2016
There was a question from the floor regarding the expenditure for the year exceeding the income; did we need to increase membership? The Treasurer replied that there had been an increase in membership which caused a higher capitation and publicity fee for the current financial year. In addition last year’s capitation fee was also paid in this financial year leading to a deficit of £463.23. This loss was absorbed by the £4842.37 profit brought forward from the previous year leaving a balance of £4280.86
The Chair pointed out that a separate social account had been raised and although it looks as if this account has made a profit, tickets still had to be purchased.

6 Agreement of Revised Constitution
The current constitution states that committee members stand for three years, with the exception of the treasurer who remains in post for six years, and the proposal is that the constitution should be changed to allow all committee members to stay in post for up to six years, which will allow greater continuity. If a committee member takes on different roles within the committee, it might mean that he/she remains in post for more than six years.
There was a vote by show of hands; there were no “againsts”, therefore the proposal was carried. The new constitution becomes available from July 2016. Kathy Dersley proposed; Elizabeth Crawley seconded.

7 Standing Down of Existing Committee Members
At this point, all existing committee members stood down and the President took over the meeting.

8 Acceptance/Election of New Committee
By a show of hands (102 for; no-one against) the members re-elected the existing committee.
By a show of hands (93 for, no-one against) the members elected the new member Sarah-Jane Ladbrook-Hutt and the co-opted member, Joy Merrett, to the committee.
9 The President gave thanks, on behalf of the membership, to the committee and the Chair. Bouquets were presented to Patricia Hobbs and Pauline Griffin.
The President agreed to continue to represent Welling U3A at the London Region meetings and to attend local committee meeting whenever possible.

10 Any Other Questions
There were no other questions, but Elizabeth Crawley paid special thanks to the committee and particularly the Chair for all their hard work during the year.

11 Date, time and place of the next AGM
Wednesday 28 June 2017 at 14:00, St Stephen’s Church Hall.