AGM Minutes 2014

Welling U3A AGM No: 1

Welling U3A Annual General Meeting
held on Wednesday 25 June 2014 at 13:00
St Stephen’s Church Hall, Deepdene Road, Welling DA16 3QL

Marlene Harmer – Chair (MH)
Jackie Power – Vice Chair (JP)
Pauline Griffin – Secretary (PG)
Donald Jarvis – Treasurer (DJ)
Tony Mayes
Irene Thorley
June Grout
Kathy Dersley
Pammi KhunKhun

In Attendance
Val Jarvis - Minutes

Apologies for absence:
Linda Hurley
Audrey Pitman
Ann Whitehead
Jill Thomas
Maureen Atkins
Gwen Wright


1 Apologies for Absence:
The meeting was opened and members welcomed by the Chairman, Marlene Harmer, who also gave apologies received from those not able to attend:

2 Matters Arising:
No previous minutes or matters’ arising as this was the first AGM.

3 Chair’s Annual Report
MH gave thanks to all members and co-opted members of the committee for their continuing support, hard work and dedication in making this first year of the Welling U3A a success.

Membership has nearly reached 100.

All the speakers during the first 12 months were extremely interesting and a few particular events were worthy of note, i.e. the August summer tea, the Christmas social – including the Rock Choir and the St George’s day celebration. Thanks were given to all the people who helped make these events such a success.

There is currently no website, but this is in hand and will be organised as soon as possible.

Membership has been increased from £12 to £15 per annum as agreed in the previous monthly meeting.

4 Treasurer’s Annual report:
Expenses for the year are considerably higher than usual as it has been necessary to pay two lots of membership fees to U3A HQ and two lots of fees for the posting of the U3A publications.

Many of the speakers gave their services free and that kept the expenses down.

There has been a regular income from the monthly raffle, refreshments and, more recently, book sales.

MH raised the question of Hall fees for February, when there was no meeting because of a double booking by St. Stephen’s Church Hall and the March meeting was to be free. It was thought that the figures took this into account, but they would be checked in case of any overpayment.

As indicated in the financial report there is a £113.50 discrepancy in the expenses for theatre trips. The Treasurer is investigating the income dispersment error and will report back at the Members meeting on 23rd July 2013.

5 Retirement of Chair:
MH officially stood down as chairman and handed over the meeting the current Vice-Chair Jackie Power.

6 Acceptance of Constitution:
Copies of the constitution were made available to members last month, but copies were also available on the day for anyone requiring to see it. JP asked for a show of hands to accept the constitution and this was carried by majority.

It was pointed out that, within the constitution, the committee was given the option under very special circumstances to appoint a President of the Welling branch. The committee decided to offer this post to MH taking into account all her tireless efforts during the previous 12 months as Chair. The post will be for a period of up to five years and will include attendance at national and regional meetings, on behalf of Welling, as well as a meet and greet role within the branch. MH was happy to accept the Presidency role and a show of hands was requested to accept her as President. The vote was carried unanimously.

7 Election of new Chair:
As Pauline Griffin was the only other nominee for chairman, a show of hands was requested to accept her in this role. This was carried and PG thanked MH for work during the previous year and, since feedback from members suggested that they would like more information about the elected committee, she gave a short speech about her qualifications and abilities.

8 Election of new Committee:
In the first year there was only one vice-chair – JP – but it had been decided to have two people in this post for the coming period. Jackie Power and Irene Thorley were nominated and Kathy Dersley was willing to take over the role as secretary. All three gave a short introduction to themselves and were voted in by the members.

Since there were two nominations for the post of Treasurer and following brief speeches by both candidates about their knowledge and abilities, voting was conducted between Donald Jarvis and Pat Pitney. This included proxy voting.

Whilst two volunteers counted the votes, the remaining four nominees for the committee gave information about themselves and were duly elected by a show of hands. Donald Jarvis received the majority of the votes and was duly re-elected as Treasurer. Pat Pitney was therefore automatically elected to the committee.

9 Speaker:
Because Gwen Wright, London Region Chair, was unable to attend the meeting, there was no talk about courses and summer schools, but information was posted on the noticeboard.

10 Questions from the floor:
As there were no questions posed to the committee, PG closed the formal part of the afternoon by inviting everyone to enjoy the birthday tea and reminded members to renew their membership fees.

11 Date, time and place of the next AGM to be decided.