AGM Minutes 2015

Welling U3A AGM No: 2

Welling U3A Annual General Meeting
held on Wednesday 24 June 2015 at 14:00
St Stephen’s Church Hall, Deepdene Road, Welling DA16 3QL

Pauline Griffin – Chairman (PG)
Jackie Power – Vice Chair (JP)
Donald Jarvis – Treasurer (DJ)
Kathy Dersley – Secretary (KD)
Irene Thorley – Speaker Secretary (IT)
Pat Hobbs – Visit Co-Ordinator (PH)
Pat Pitney – Group Co-ordinator/Newsletter
June Grout – Social Secretary
Tony Mayes - Advisor

In Attendance:
Val Jarvis - Minutes

Apologies for absence:
Marlene Harmer - President
Laurence Harmer - Assistant to Treasurer
Glenda Gee
Jill Thomas


1 The meeting was opened and members welcomed by the Chairman, Pauline Griffin, who also gave apologies received from those not able to attend.

2 PG summarised the minutes of the previous AGM, which are also posted on the Welling U3A website, and stated that the financial discrepancy at last year’s meeting was due to certain cheques which had not been cleared by the bank at that time.

3 The Minutes were accepted by the members.

4 Chair’s report (PG)
The Chair’s aim, in the previous 12months, was to increase membership, group activities, set up website and ensure financial stability. All this has been achieved with membership now standing at 142, with 89/90 members attending regularly; there are currently 21 regular group meetings; the website (http://u3asites.org.uk/welling) is up and running and will be developed further and the finances are in a healthy position due partly to two quiz evening, summer and winter socials, raffles and book sales. A public address system and new notice boards have been purchased and it is hoped to purchase a projector.
Success is due to the committee and thanks go to them for all their hard work and support; thanks also to Marlene Harmer for representing Welling U3A at Regional meetings and for setting up the “meet and greet” team.
Special thanks to Jackie Power and Tony Mayes who are standing down from the committee at this meeting. Larry Harmer, who cannot stand for more than one year as a co-opted member of the committee, has agreed to stand as a full committee member.
Sadly, Pammi Khunkhun, one of the original team, died suddenly and will be greatly missed. A collection is being made at this meeting with proceeds going to Alzheimer’s research and the Nepal Earthquake appeal
President’s report
In the absence of the President, JP read a statement from MH which gave details of her attendance at the Regional meetings, with other members of Welling U3A, and in which she stated how useful it has been to meet with other London representatives.
Secretary’s report (KD)
KD takes the minutes and the regular monthly committee meetings and follows up on what the other members have been tasked to do. She also has been involved with the finance audit, helped to set up the website and follows up membership renewals.
Speaker Secretary’s report (IT)
There has been a variety of speakers catering for different interests, all of whom have proved very interesting. In addition, there have been various social events covering, hopefully, everyone’s needs. Further suggestions are welcome.
Group Co-Ordinator’s report (PP)
The number of groups has increased over the past year, with PP keeping track of numbers, dates etc. to enable problems to be resolved quickly. It is hoped to start a Creative Writing group.
Visit Co-Ordinator’s report (PH)
There have been a few visits to particular places of interest, with a trip to Bletchley Park due in July.
Newsletter Editor’s report (PP)
The newsletter keeps members informed of what is happening within Welling U3A regarding groups, visits etc. The aim is to get more contributions from members. Copies of the newsletter can be found on the website.
There followed reports from the following group leaders: Art, Blue Badge Guided Walks, Board Games, Book Club, Bridge Club, Cinema Group, Danson Park Walks, Emergency First Aid, General Local WLKS, Knitting and Crotchet, Pot Luck Discussion, T.L.C. (Tea, Latte and Chat) and Theatre Trips.

5 Financial Accounts 2014-2015
DJ presented the annual profit and loss account. The donation of £120 was a grant from East Wickham & Welling War Memorial Trust towards the annual rent. The raffles, of which there were eight, realised an average of £45 per raffle. There were two quiz nights which raised £645 profit after expenses, which enabled us to purchase a new sound system.

6 Standing down of Existing Committee
Jackie Power and Tony Mayes formally resigned from the committee

7 Acceptance/Election off new Committee
The remaining members of the committee were re-elected. Proposer: Janis Rudland, seconded by Frances Lloyd.
Larry Harmer, Tricia Covington and Joyce Kurowski joined the committee. Proposer: Elizabeth Crawley, seconded by Tony Mayes.

8 Changes to membership Application Form
Changes to the membership form are still under discussion and it is hoped that these changes can be discussed next month.

9 There were no questions from the floor and the AGM was closed

10 Date, time and place of next AGM
Wednesday 22 June 2016 at 14:00
St Stephen’s Church Hall, Deepdene Road, Welling DA16 3QL