AGM Minutes 2018

Welling U3A Annual General Meeting No. 5
on 27th June 2018 at 2.00pm
St Stephen’s Church Hall, Deepdene Road, Welling DA16 3QL

Present: Apologies:
Pauline Griffin – Chair Present Donald Jarvis
Irene Thorley – Vice Chair Val Jarvis Enid Self
Kathy Dersley – Secretary Jackie Power
Marlene Harmer – President Daphne Batham
Laurence Harmer – Assistant to Treasurer Dorothy Winter
Tricia Covington – Membership Secretary Joyce Kurowski
June Grout – Social Secretary Enid Self
Pat Pitney - Newsletter/Group Co-Ordinator
Kim Barlow - Visits Coordinator
Sarah-Jane Ladbrook-Hutt - Hall Manager In attendance: Glenda Gee

1 The meeting was opened and everyone was welcomed by Pauline Griffin, Chair, who also gave apologies from those unable to attend.

2 Minutes from last years` AGM were provided in paper form to all attending as well as being sent previously to members, either by e-mail or post as required. Members had time to read through and they were accepted unanimously as a true record.
Proposed by Tricia Covington Seconded by Marlene Harmer
3 There were no matters arising.

4 Constitution Change:
The wording of the proposed statement under section 3 - CHARITABLE PURPOSES of The U3A are:
“to advance education and provide facilities for recreation, personal development and other leisure-time occupations in the interests of social welfare of people not in full time gainful employment who are in their Third Age (being the period of time after the first age of childhood dependence and the second age of full time employment and/or parental responsibility) residing in Welling and its surrounding locality.”
Proposed by Pauline Griffin Seconded by Edna Sutton
Unanimously accepted by the Membership

5 Annual Report
Key points of the Chair`s report were:-
• A very successful year for Welling U3A
• Membership grown steadily to nearly 180, with around 100 attending each month.
• As Treasurer not able to attend, the Chair reported that finances were well managed and an external audit in April confirmed the healthy financial position.
• A number of new interest groups started. The Chair thanked all the group leaders for their hard work and a request was sent out for some new ideas for new groups.
• There have been many outings this last year and special thanks go to Kim Barlow, the organiser and to Irene Thorley for booking coaches and also the monthly meeting speakers who have proved to be very varied and popular.
• The website continues to be updated by Marisa Miller.
• New data protection act implementation meant members were asked about the use of photos and contact details. Only the Chair and Membership Secretary have access to member’s details and on leaving these details are destroyed.
• The Demelza Children’s Hospice has been the main charity this year raising almost £200. Money has also been donated to charities in memory of two members who sadly died during the year and to the charities of two of members who ran the marathon.
• A further grant from East Wickham & Welling War Memorial Trust went towards hall rentals for meetings.
• Thanks to Sara-Jane Ladbrook-Hutt who collects the used stamps, making £18 so far. Thanks to members who brought them in.
• The Chair thanked all the members of the committee for their hard work and support this year.
• Standing down from the committee are Kim Barlow, Laurence Harmer and June Grout. They were thanked for their work and wished well. Marlene Harmer will remain President and will continue to represent Welling at National and Regional U3A meetings along with Laurence Harmer.
• Individual committee members were thanked for their hard work plus Jill Thomas, Pauline Williams and Janis Rudland for organising a wide range of group visits, Jackie Power for taking last year`s minutes and Glenda Gee for stepping in to take minutes this year.
• Members were thanked for their continued support in attending, buying books, raffle tickets and creating a great atmosphere.
• In answer to a question Chair confirmed we had been approached by Abbey Wood U3A to do joint ventures as their numbers are low.
6 Financial Report:
The Treasurers’ reporting year changed to the financial year (April - March), which differs from the membership year. This is a change from previous reports which aligned with the membership year (June -May) so not a direct comparison. The Hall rent has increased as it is now being used for committee meetings too. Assets include a projector and a laptop for U3A business.
7 Standing Down of Existing Committee Members:
The committee stood down. Kim Barlow, June Grout and Laurence Harmer were thanked for their service and given flowers.
Marlene Harmer, President took over as Chair for the next section of the meeting.
8 Acceptance/Election of New Committee:
The Officers were elected unanimously.
Pauline Griffin Chair
Irene Thorley Vice Chair
Kathy Dersley Secretary
Donald Jarvis Treasurer
The other committee members were elected unanimously
Pat Pitney
Tricia Covington
Sara-Jane Ladbrook-Hutt
Lisa Knightsbridge (previously a co-opted member elected as a full member)
Maria Guest- Naharnowicz (new member)
Phil Hinton (new member)
Marlene harmer to remain President
New committee roles to be announce formally next month.
The President gave thanks, on behalf of the membership, to the committee and the Chair. Flowers were presented to Pauline Griffin with thanks for working so tirelessly on behalf of Welling U3A.
A bouquet was presented to Marlene Harmer as thanks for her Presidential role.

9 Any Other Questions:
Edna Sutton proposed thanks to all members for standing again and new ones for joining, on behalf of all members.
Elizabeth Crawley also proposed thanks, especially to the Chair. for always being available to members.
Members were informed of the very recent death of Ann Hawkins, whose funeral is next Monday and any donations to go to Downs Syndrome.
10 Date, time and place of the next AGM
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 13.30, St Stephen’s Church Hall.