These are our general meetings where all members are invited to get together to share information and ideas over some light refreshments. We then sit down at 3 pm to listen to an informative and usually thought-provoking presentation delivered by a guest speaker followed by a short question and answer opportunity.

Excluding January, July and August, we meet on the first Friday of each month between 14.30 - 16.00.

New venue from February 2020 Meetings will be held in St. Mildred's Hall, Church Road, Tenterden. The forthcoming schedule is listed below.

New and prospective members and guest visitors are assured of a very warm welcome.

Monthly meetings at the St. Mildred's Church Hall, Church Road, Tenterden

Friday 3 April 2020 "Medical Detection Dogs" - Millie Harris. The charity was established in 2008 and works with the powerful scenting ability of dogs to help detect disease or assist with managing life-threatening conditions.

Friday 1 May 2020 "Behind the scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show" - Chris O'Donoghue

Friday 5 June 2020 "Where do novelists get their ideas?" - Bobbie Darbyshire. In a light-hearted, informative talk, Bobbie will explain how the complex world of character, location, plot and subplot arrives in a writer's mind. Bobbie won the 2008 fiction prize at the National Academy of Writing and the New Delta Review Creative Nonfiction prize 2010. Author of four novels, her latest is "The Posthumous Adventures of Harry Whittaker".

Friday 4 September 2020 Exciting wildlife around the world - Tom Way

Friday 2 October 2020 Vice, Virtue and Vitriol - (18th and 19th century satirical cartoons) - Martin Heard

Friday 6 November 2020 Life and times of Edith Cavell - Melanie Gibson