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Like it or not computers (and 'mobile devices') are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. There are very few organisations now (including the Government) who don't encourage, and in many cases require, you to use their 'online services' to do business with them. In many cases it is certainly difficult, if not nigh on impossible, to deal with some basic requirements without access to, and some familiarity with, the internet.

Within WPU3A we are conscious that we have members with a complete range of skills and abilities in this area. From those who have little (or no!) fear of getting 'stuck in', through to those who have no wish whatsoever to have anything to do with computers!

This page is set up to try to help those who wish to learn, and to enable them to develop their skills and understanding of computers and other devices. It is hoped that with time we will be able to build here a 'library' of items that will help us all to learn. By necessity I'm afraid, to get to be reading this you will have to have some ability to access the internet, or to know someone who has.

Those who have skills, or who have experiences from having successfully used specific learning 'tools' (eg courses, books, websites, etc) are encouraged to share this with the wider membership. In this respect please contact Jerry England (jerryengland56@gmail.com) with the relevant details, and we will try to include them here.

One of the first challenges to overcome is the sheer number of different types of devices and 'operating systems' that are in use today. Whilst once you have some familiarity with whatever device(s) you are using, it is actually not that difficult to switch to something else, when you are starting out it is a daunting prospect if you do not have something to refer to that is specific to your device. And of course nothing comes with any instructions, expecting us all to have the same fearless intuition as our grandchildren!

We will do our best here therefore to gather the information together under some headings, that will hopefully help you through the minefield.

GENERAL INFORMATION, relevant to most devices

- This document gives a general introduction to the use of a Keyboard and Mouse
- Ravenshead U3A have created a series of Computing Guides for their members, which we hope they will not mind us utilising too.


Microsoft Operating Systems
- West Herts College offer two computing courses: Computing for Beginners, and Computing for Complete Beginners
- CGP Books have a good school book (Functional Skills ICT) that provides a good introduction to computers and Microsoft Office software. If you are interested in obtaining a copy please contact Jerry England (see email above).

Apple Operating Systems


Android Operating Systems



Android Operating Systems