Watford Park

Simple Membership

Simple Membership (SM) is a 'membership management system' that has been specifically created for use by U3As.

Log in by clicking on this link: Simple Membership Login Page

There are User Guides available (see links on this page) to assist you in accessing the system, but to log in for the first time please follow these instructions:

- Start by clicking on this link (Simple Membership Login Page) to access the system Login page
- Click ‘Forgot Password’
- On the screen that comes up enter your Username and click ‘Reset Password’
- This will send you an email in a couple of minutes.
- Click on the the link in that email (“Click here to reset your password”)
- Enter your password twice on the screen that comes up, in accordance with the instructions there and then click “Store New Password”.
- Go back to the Login Page (Simple Membership Login Page), enter your Username and Password, and click 'Log In'

The system seeks to bring together in one place all the information we hold on members. By doing so, it aims to:

a. reduce the effort required, particularly by the Membership Secretary, Study Group Coordinator (SGC) and Study Group Leaders (SGLs), in managing membership details
b. provide additional useful features for Members and SGLs. (Note: features will be introduced progressively and not all are available now.)
c. meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The system has been tested by a small group of Watford Park U3A (WPU3A) members, and has now been released for use by the whole of the membership of WPU3A.

To start with we are only using the Membership and Study Group capabilities of the system, but ultimately we intend to move our website into the system, and in due course we also plan to implement the finance module, which will allow us to offer on-line payment of subscriptions.

Neither Members nor Study Group Leaders will have to use the system in order to belong to WPU3A, or lead a study group, but it is hoped that once people discover the advantages of the system, they will be happy to make use of it.

Everyone has their own unique username and password, with different ‘classes’ of users having different access permissions. In this way data security and privacy is provided with each user only given access to the data they need to see.

How quickly we implement the full system will depend on how we get on with the initial introduction, but other U3As have found that they can move quite quickly once they get going.

If you have any concerns or questions, or would like to offer your assistance in any way with the implementation of this new system, please contact SM support Jerry England (click to email).