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Pauline Willis 21/04/2020
Hi, I have received a birthday card today signed Jean, Peter and Laura. I am wondering if it could be from a U3A member and meant for someone else, as my birthday is not until December. Hope I can clear up the mystery. If anyone can help, please contact Pauline at: Paulinewillis12@gmail.com.

NB Pauline has given permission for her email address to be posted.


Gloria Gibson 19/04/2020
Many thanks to Pauline and the committee for the new newsletter - entertaining and interesting.


Joan Molly 19/04/2020
It has been a long time since anyone has commented on this page, so I thought I would.

Just like to say that, even though we are not in daily, weekly, or even monthly contact, we are a "family" and are so lucky to be able to contact each other through the power of the media, whether just by phone, or email, Facebook, messenger, skype, or (which I think is fantastic!) Zoom!; BUT it is hard not being able to physically touch, hug and kiss our loved ones! JUST remember though that there is light at the end of this terrible tunnel and I personally will emerge with a new understanding of what is important.....family, friends, freedom....and HEALTH! God bless the NHS xxx Be vigilant and stay safe! xx


John Thomas 6/12/2019
Many thanks to the committee for organising a great Christmas Meeting. Entertainment and buffet were excellent.