Warwick District

WDU3A Litter picking


We are aware that many U3A members are already picking litter regularly – as
individuals, as couples, or with families and friends. These people do their picking
as part of their routine; walking the dog, collecting the daily newspaper, or taking
a daily stroll for example. Collectively you are making a big difference.
We invite any U3A Member fitting this description to contact us using the details
below, together with a brief description of the place
where they regularly pick, AND we are inviting U3A
Members not already picking litter to think seriously
about making a start. Think about a place nearby
where you notice litter or we can easily find a
convenient place for you!

We will get back to anyone who contacts us.

Helen Lord 07796 931736/01926 400474
Judith Gilmore 07811 161244/01926 84205