Use the links on this page to find approved minutes of recent Warrington U3A Committee Meetings and other documents of interest to members. You will need the User Name and Password on your membership card to read the minutes.

If you would like help or advice with giving presentations or using any of the WU3A equipment, or would like to speak with someone from the committee, come along to Winmarleigh House for an informal chat on the morning before a General Meeting. From now on, the Chairman and some committee members will be available from about 10.00 on the morning of a meeting day in the lounge at Winmarleigh to talk about any matter relevant to the WU3A.

Your Committee needs you!

Every U3A must have an Executive Committee in order to operate. All posts are unpaid and time-limited. Responsibilities are various and, generally, not too onerous! Each committee member serves for a period of one year, from the AGM at which they are elected to the following AGM, but can stand for re-election if they wish or there are no other volunteers. Members can serve for a maximum of six years as committee members but no more than three consecutive years in the same post (other than the Treasurer, for reasons of continuity). Most of the present committee have served for much of their allotted span and some are approaching mandatory retirement. If there are no members willing to replace them, the future of our U3A will be in jeopardy.

The Nomination Form for officers and committee members to be elected at the WU3A AGM is now available on this page.

26th Annual General Meeting

Although all activities of the Warrington U3A have been suspended for the duration of the present Coronavirus outbreak, under the terms of our constitution we must aim to hold an AGM within 15 months of the last one, held in June 2019.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting was to be held at the Masonic Hall, Winmarleigh Street, Warrington, on Wednesday 3rd June but will almost certainly have to be postponed. If this is the case, details of a revised time will be sent to all members as soon as possible.

This information is to give members time to submit any motions they may wish to see included on the Agenda for the AGM, and to submit any nominations for Executive Committee membership.

Proposed and seconded motions should be submitted to the Secretary (via the website) by Thursday 7th May at the latest.

Any member of the WU3A is entitled to join or stand for office on the Executive Committee and anyone wishing to do so should submit a proposed and seconded Nomination Form (available on this page under ‘Links’), again to the secretary, by 7th May at the latest.

If forms cannot be sent to the Secretary at least inform her of any intentions to submit motions or nominations (contact details on membership cards).

The minutes of the last AGM (June 2019) are available on this page under ‘Links’. The document is password protected; the username and password are on your membership card.

A copy of the final Agenda will be sent to members by Mailchimp, and will be placed on the News page of the WU3A website, on or around 13th May. Please watch the WU3A website for further news during these fast-moving times.

Ian Lancaster
Chairman, Warrington U3A.

Warrington U3A Executive Committee Members 2019-20

Ian LancasterChairman
John McKieVice ChairRegistrar
Alan OsborneVice ChairSpeakers
Liz BrutonSecretary
Richard KongTreasurer
Paul AthertonCommitteeAccommodation
Andrew YoungCommitteeNew Members

Non-Committee Role

Alan GoodkinWebmaster