Welcome to Warminster U3A

Stop Press

We hope those of you who were able to join our two Zoom talks given
by Jenny Mallin in December and January enjoyed them and found
them interesting.

Our Zoom presentation on 24 February was given by the founder of Tamubeauty vegan skincare – Afriyie Donkor. To all who were able to join the presentation given by Afriyie and wish to support her Tamu Love Project helping protect Maasai women from exploitation and abuse, her website is www.tamubeauty.com. For those who missed it, you can read about the project on that website. 10% of all purchases goes to support the project.

Our next zoom meeting will be on 31 March -Paul Robbins is a very well known historian and public speaker. His talk on Great British Eccentrics features some of the oddest people to have graced the pages of our history, and who just happened to have been British - from a perpetually drunken Lord to a real life femme fatale resident of an old peoples home. His talk regularly has members of the audience crying with laughter

Welcome to our website. Warminster U3A was founded in 2000. We have over 500 members with 48 enthusiastic interest and activity groups meeting monthly, fortnightly and some weekly. Once you have joined us you are welcome to go to any Group that has vacancies. To see more details go to the GROUPS page.

We have a Monthly General Meeting with a special guest speaker. On these occasions you will be able to access information about new groups, trips and future events. This General Meeting is always on the last Wednesday of the month, at 2 p.m. at Warminster Civic Centre, Sambourne Road, Warminster, BA12 8LB. The Membership Secretary is always present to welcome and enrol new members. See our EVENTS page for details.

We have frequent trips and visits in connection with group studies, as well as an Annual Summer Outing for all members, and a Christmas Lunch. We frequently organise study-tour holidays.

We have a private group on Facebook for members of Warminster U3A only. It is a place for members of Warminster U3A to stay in contact with each other, to share ideas and to maintain learning and interests. Only members of the group can post and see what others have posted. The link to our Facebook page can be found on this page, under the heading Links.

The U3A is run by members for members. If you feel you can help in anyway, eg Group Leader, Committee member, equipment, refreshments or any other suggestions, please speak to one of the committee members to have a chat. We are a very friendly, easy going group of people who have fun.

New members and new ideas are always welcome. A membership form can be found in LINKS on this page (the form takes about a minute to download). For any queries please use the form on the CONTACT page.

Corona Virus Update

Message to U3A Members from Chairman
During this challenging lockdown situation and the coronavirus pandemic, I hope you are all staying safe and sane. It was very sad but necessary to stop all group and general meetings until further notice, and we will restart group activities and meetings as soon as it is safe to do so. My heartfelt thanks go to all who have worked tirelessly to cancel or rearrange trips out, visits and holidays. We can look forward to those again in better times. In the meanwhile, it is important we all try to stay in touch with friends, family and our groups by whatever means is possible. In addition to phoning and emails, the internet and media are full of advice on how to have face to face video conversations or meetings on WhatsApp, House Party or Zoom or whatever. There is also non-stop advice on things to do to keep oneself occupied, fit and healthy. The daily fitness classes on YouTube by Jo Wicks are exceptionally good, and there are even sessions for seniors and wheel chair users. If in doubt about how to access any of these things, or if you just need a chat, please do not hesitate to call friends or other U3A members (including me) for help.
It looks like it is going to be a long and difficult time ahead of us, but there are some positives in that we can get lots of things done around the home and have the time to pursue some hobbies and interests. Let’s try to pull together and help each other through. I wish everybody good luck and continued good health, and I look forward to us all being able to enjoy again the friends, fun and learning of our wonderful U3A. Mike Wooldridge