Past Events

March 2020
The Lunch Group enjoyed an leisurely, and what would turn out to be a most memorable, lunch at Prezzo on Monday 16th March, with much of the conversation centered around the new concept of "Social Distancing" and what further measures might be implemented ....... with little idea that, by a little over a hour after we reached home, we would all be in "lockdown"!

February 2020
Our February speaker, Margaret Mills entertained with a brief look at the lives of two very different Essex women - Sarah Chesham of Clavering, ("Arsenic Sally") and Frances Evelyn "Daisy" Greville, Countess of Warwick (née Maynard)

The Encaustic group members enjoyed a New Years lunch together in January and are now well settled into their three new groups.

January 2020
Gardeners and non-gardeners alike were thoroughly entertained by a talk entitled ‘Soul, Sweat and Tears - Amusing Aspects of Gardening" by Brian Carline with some vaguely knowledgeable members winning a primula plant for their gardens.

December 2019
Over 60 members gathered for our Christmas lunch held at Bentley Golf Club. As well as enjoying some excellent food, we also learnt exactly who wears red underwear for good luck on New Years Day and that the correct title of the song starting "Chestnuts roasting on a open fire..." is, rather unimaginatively, The Christmas Song.
Over £175 was raised for our charity of the year - thank you all for your generosity.

November 2019
Much hilarity was had by all when Roger Dorking regaled us with anecdotes from his life during his talk titled "Tales from the Smithy".

Due to the popularity of the Encaustic Art Group, from January 2020 a second Group is being formed and thanks go to Cheryl for agreeing to lead the new Group.

October 2019
Those who braved the heavy rain to attend our October meeting were treated to a most illuminating talk by Terry Taber on "My life in ladies underwear", anecdotes from his life spent in the "rag trade".

Galleries, Museums and Exhibitions
The group was launched on 18th October with 15 of us making a visit to the Museum of Brands. This impressive mainly private collection of Robert Opie’s took us on a nostalgic trip viewing packaging, appliances, toys and much more from our childhood and beyond. We surprised ourselves with how many jingles and memories were triggered!

September 2019
At our monthly meeting, David Padwick entertained us with "Songs of the 50s", interspersed with anecdotes and some of the news and sport headlines of the decade. A delightful walk down memory lane for some and a very enjoyable history lesson for others!

Drawing group
The group visited the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace to see an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings. It was a real treat to see the breath of his genius represented in these works. In addition to his study of human anatomy he showed a real love for the natural world, plants and clouds. Also included in the exhibition were maps and technical drawings of some of his inventions. Very inspirational for our own drawing practice!