Our Groups

Coronavirus Update
All face-to-face meetings are currently suspended. A couple of Groups are holding virtual meetings or meeting in members' gardens and others have suggestions as to how to keep those "little grey cells" active during lockdown.

Free on-line learning courses with a range of subjects and levels can be found at:
The Open University:-

Future Learn

And also via Essex Libraries

There is also a wide variety of learning ideas and Groups on the national U3A site


Our current and proposed Groups are listed below.

To find out more about any particular Group just "click" on the appropriate name and this will take you to that Group's information page. Most Groups can accommodate new members so don’t be afraid to enquire.

If you have any skills, knowledge or simply an interest in any of the proposed areas please contact Audrey (Groups Co-ordinator, via the contact page).

Or, if you have any suggestions for new groups speak up. The more the merrier! Just because you have a suggestion, it doesn't necessarily follow that you will be expected to lead and/or host the group - so please don't be afraid to put your ideas to Audrey. All we need to do is to get like-minded people together and see if we can take these ideas forward.

Group List
 Brentwood U3A
 Brentwood U3ABook Group
 1st Monday monthly, am
 1st Monday monthly, am
Canasta 1
 1st Tuesday monthly, pm
 1st Tuesday monthly, pmCanasta 2
 2nd Thursday monthly, pm
 2nd Thursday monthly, pm
 3rd Wednesday monthly
 3rd Wednesday monthlyCrafts & Textiles Group
 as agreed
 as agreed
Drawing Group
 1st Tuesday monthly
 1st Tuesday monthlyEncaustic Art - Cheryl
 as agreed
 as agreed
Encaustic Art - Dorothy
 as agreed
 as agreedFrench Conversation (on hold)
Galleries, Museums, Exhibition
 3rd Friday monthly
 3rd Friday monthlyGarden Visits Group
 4th Friday monthly
 4th Friday monthly
German Group
 Tuesday fortnightly, pm
 Tuesday fortnightly, pmHistory Group
 2nd Monday monthly, pm
 2nd Monday monthly, pm
Lunch Group
 3rd Monday monthly, pm
 3rd Monday monthly, pmPhotography
 2nd Monday, monthly
 2nd Monday, monthly
Quiz Group
 2nd Wednesday monthly, pm
 2nd Wednesday monthly, pmRummikub Group
 3rd Thursday monthly, am
 3rd Thursday monthly, am
Singing Group
 Shenfield U3A
 Shenfield U3ATable Tennis Group
 Tuesday fortnightly, am
 Tuesday fortnightly, am
Theatre Group
 1st Wednesday monthly, am
 1st Wednesday monthly, am