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Topics covered in 2018

January: Exposure Compensation
February: Bracketing - using HDR setting on your camera
March: Using HDR to combine photographs
April: Practical Photography - taking Bluebells at Postwood Ware
May: Review of Bluebell Photographs
June: Outing to Rye Meads - Practical Photography - taking bird photographs - this will be without Barry who is unavailable
July: Summer holiday Pictures
August: No Meeting
September: Review of pictures
October: Ware stroll - pictures of Ware followed by meeting in hall
November: Review of pictures of Ware with areas of improvement
December: Review of Year's Pictures - followed by Christmas Lunch -"The Star" Standon

Hints and Tips

Exposure Compensation

First you have to be in the right mode P S or A
For snow +1 stop, Sunset -1/3 to 2/3rd, Bluebells -2/3rd, Birds in flight up to +2 stops if white sky.


Using HDR setting on your camera to give automatic bracketing
Using HDR to combine photographs
Find your bracket setting in menu and set to 1 stop + and -. This will give 'normal' and 1 stop lower and higher. Preferably support your camera with a tripod or table and set to 'small jpeg'.

Ware Weir (Brackening)Swan on the river (Brackening)Broken tree (bracketing)

Testing your camera settings

Set the camera on A or AV and take a picture on all the F Nos. e.g. F2 up to F16. Focus on some near object about 2-4 ft. Look at the pictures and zoom in, you will find the middle F No. should be the sharpest. Also take pictures on all ISO settings 100-6400 on most cameras