Seeking new members and proposed groups

  • Proposed New Group - Pub Lunches Two: Do you like lunching in pleasant company? If so this is the group for you. If interested in finding out more send Kay Hernaman a message.
  • Proposed New Group - Spanish for Beginners: It is proposed to start a Spanish for Beginners. The group is aimed at beginners who would like to learn Spanish.
  • New group - Picknmix 2: The group have had an initial meeting and will be run along the lines of the successful Picknmix. The Picknmix members will meet monthly in a local pub in Ware to plan and organise events among themselves. All Members are welcome to join. If you have recently joined Ware U3A this is a really good way to get to know other members. Why not give it a try?

If interested in finding out more about Spanish for Beginners and Picknmix 2 send Geoffrey Morrison the New Groups Coordinator a message or speak to him at the new groups table at the monthly meeting.

Groups seeking new members

As at 9 July 2019