Local U3As

The groups hosted by local U3As listed below welcome Ware U3A members who are not registered members in the host U3A.

East Herts Cluster Group of U3As
Group Sharing Agreement

Read the Group Sharing Agreement of Interest groups within the U3As Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Hertford, Lea Valley, Ware and Waltham Abbey


Badminton / Table Tennis: Meet Fridays 7pm-9m at Goffs Churchgate Academy. Contact Derek Wakeling
Walking Football: MeetFridays 3pm-5pm at Laura Trott Centre. Contact John Durrant

Visit the Cheshunt U3A Groups web page for more information

Harlow U3A

Group: Russian Intermediate
Meet: Wednesday 10am
Location: Harlow
Group Leader: Anne Neuhaus

This is a shared group with Harlow U3A for anyone who has learned the alphabet and a few phrases. Lots of conversation and nothing too serious!

If you are interested in joining this group visit the Harlow U3A Russian Group web page.

Hertford U3A

Group: Aquafit
Meet: Fanshawe Pool, Park Road, Ware SG12 0DP
Meet: Friday 8.05am-8.50am
Cost: £39.60 per 12 week term
Group Leader: Wendy How

This is a Hertford U3A group that is open to all Ware U3A members. They currently have vacancies.

Contact Wendy How via email for more information or visit Hertford U3A Aquafit web page.


Group: Classical Concert Going
Meet: Varies
Time: Varies
Cost: Varies
Group Leader: Val Morey

This is a Hertford U3A group which welcomes Ware members. Mostly going to orchestral concerts in London, there are also occasional trips to operatic performances. Our season runs from September to July and we try to go to one concert each month. There are pick up points in Bengeo, Hertford and Ware (opposite the college).

Contact Val Morey via email for more details and a booking form.


Group: Computer Self Help
Meet: Second Thursday 5pm-7pm
Location: Library, Hertford Regional College, Ware. Parking on site
Group leader: Alan Brewis

We give presentations on a large screen along with members sharing their experience. The college allows us free use of their computers in their library along with free internet access. For more information contact %Alan Brewis% or visit Hertford U3A Computer Self Help Group.


Group: Local Film and Theatre Group
Meet: Various
Location: Hertford Theatre or CWE Welwyn Garden City or other local theatres
Group Leader: Barbara Hones

Hertford U3A has a Local Film and Theatre Group which would welcome members of Ware U3A. Members buy their own tickets and meet up after the entertainment to discuss what they have seen. They meet at the venue of entertainment. If interested contact Barbara Hones via email.


Group: Film Studies Group
Meet: 1st Friday of every month
Location: Sele Farm Community Centre where the parking is plentiful
Group Leader: Sue Darlow

Usually a DVD is chosen, watched and over tea / coffee the plot, actors, themes, places etc are discussed amongst other topics. A lively time is had by all. Why not come and join in? The Group would welcome new members from other U3As. If interested contact Annette Richardson, Group Coordinator via email

Group: Table Tennis
Meet: Wednesday 1.45pm
Location Wodson Park Sports and Leisure Centre
Cost: Charge for two hour session
Group Leader: Maurice Newman

This group is a Hertford U3A group; however, Ware members are invited join - please contact the group leader. There is a wide range of standards and, although we mainly play doubles, some singles are occasionally played. A fun time is had by all as well as it being an excellent form of exercise. Contact Maurice Newman for more information.


Group: Tennis
Meet: Tuesday 10am-noon
Location: GlaxoSmithKline Sports ground
Cost: £1.50
Group Leader: Michael Benson

This is a Hertford U3A group. However, Ware members are invited to join - please contact Michael Benson via email for more information.

We are a small sociable group who regularly switch partners playing doubles.


Group: All Day Walking
Meet: Thursday
Location: Various
Cost: None
Group Leader: Maurice Newman

This is a Hertford U3A group which has invited a small number of Ware U3A walkers to join them. The walks, which are once a month usually on the last Thursday, are between 10 and 12 miles and include a lunch break in a pub. Contact Maurice Newman via email for more information.


Group Wine Appreciation
Meet: Second Thursday at 7.45pm
Location: Hadsley Room, Ware Priory
Cost: £8
Group Leader: Brian Thompson

This is a Hertford U3A group to which Ware members are invited.

Our aim is to combine knowledge with pleasure. We taste 6/7 wines at each meeting on a specific theme using the expertise of group members or an outside speaker. We aim to learn not only the principles of wine appreciation but also about grapes, their names and wine producing regions of the world. We also look at the relationship between food and wine - more in theory than in practice.

For more information, contact Brian Thompson via email.

New members are welcome.

Lea Valley U3A

Antiques and Collectables Group: Meet fourth Tuesday 2pm-4pm. Location: Parish Centre, Broxbourne. Cost £3
Listening to Music Group: Meet first Monday 1.30pm. Location: Mayhem Centre, Hoddesdon. Cost £2
Nautical Interest
Singing for Pleasure Group: Meet Alternate Wednesdays 2pm-4pm. Location: Broxbourne Parish Centre. Cost £2
Theatre Group: Meet various dates

If you are interested in any of the groups contact Lea Valley U3A via email giving the name of the group you are interested in

Waltham Abbey U3A

Board Games Group: Meet last Friday 2pm. Group Leader Helen Wilson
Discussion and Debating Group: Meet third Monday 10.30am. Group Leader Richard Clayton
Drama Group: Meet last Tuesday 2pm. Group Leader Elaine Pritchard
German Beginners Group: Meet First Friday 2pm. Group Leader Helen Wilson
German Beginners Group: Meet Third Monday 2pm. Group Leader Helen Wilson
Line Dancing Beginners Group: Meet Wednesday 10am. Group Leader Gill Hoye
Local Ambles Group: Meet First Tuesday 10am. Group Leader Peter Cleair
Loose Women Group: Meet Last Friday 10.30am. Group Leader Gill Hoye
Merry Men Group: (starting May 2018) Meet Third Friday 10.30am. Group Leader Bernie Leverett
Singing for Fun Group: Meet Thursday 1.30pm. Group Leader Christine Coleman
Sunday Lunch Group: Meet First Sunday 12.30pm. Group Leader Sue Bonsall

If you are interested in any of the groups contact Gill Hoye, Group Coordinator via email